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The By-laws available on this web site have been prepared for the purposes of convenience only and are not certified true copies. Certified true copies of the official by-laws are available from the City Clerk's Department, located at City Hall, 216 Ontario Street, Kingston, ON, K7L 2Z3.


2014 Capital Budget Bylaw

Bylaw 2014-23 - Adopts the 2014 capital budget

2014 Operating Budget Bylaw

Bylaw 2014-22 - Adopts the 2014 operating budget

2014 Tax Rates Bylaw

Bylaw 2014-77 - Establish General Municipal, Fire, Garbage, And Special Tax Rates For The Year 2014 To Provide For A Final Tax Levy; To Provide For Late Payment Charges To Be Charged On Unpaid...

Animals Bylaw

Bylaw 2004-144 - Regulates all animals within the boundaries of the City of Kingston and to the owners of such animals.

Appliance Rental Rate Bylaw

Bylaw 2012-22 - Impose miscellaneous charges and appliance rental rates (Utilities Kingston).

Building Bylaw

Bylaw 2005-99 - Provide for the construction, demolition, change of use and transfer of permits and inspections.

Business Bylaw

Bylaw 2006-213 - License, Regulate And Govern Certain Businesses

Civic Addresses and Road Naming Bylaw

Bylaw 2005-98 - Direct the orderly addressing of buildings and properties and appropriate naming of roads within the City Of Kingston.

Committee Bylaw

Bylaw 2010-205 - To define the mandate and meeting procedures for committees established by the Corporation of the City of Kingston.

Council Procedural Bylaw

Bylaw 2010-1 - Sets the rules and regulations to be observed in all proceedings of Council, Committee of the Whole and Committee meetings.

Council Remuneration Bylaw

Bylaw 99-169 - Provides for the annual paying of an annual allowance to the members of Council for the Corporation of the City of Kingston.

Delegate Authority Bylaw

Bylaw 2005-255 - To Delegate the Authority for the Processing and Approval of Temporary Highway Closures

Development Fees - Development Charges Bylaw

Bylaw 2009-136 - To establish development charges for the City of Kingston.

Development Fees - Water & Sewer Impost

Bylaw 2009-138 - To establish water and sewer rates to recover the capital cost of installing water and sanitary sewer services necessary to benefit users of the system.

Election Signs Bylaw

By-Law 2014-16 - To Regulate Election Signs In The City of Kingston

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