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null City asks residents to water trees

July 8, 2016 -

Due to high temperatures and a lack of rain, the City if Kingston is issuing a tree watering alert.  Residents are asked to assist the City by watering new and mature trees on private and City property on your watering day.

"As you know, we are experiencing moderate drought conditions. We need the public's help to ensure the health of Kingston's trees," says Troy Stubinski, manager of public works.

All trees, big and small, need at least 2.5 cm of water per week in order to thrive. When watering trees it is important to soak the soil slowly around the tree continuing out to the outer branches to ensure all the roots get moisture.

Residents on municipal water may water trees on their watering day. Under the City's seasonal watering restrictions (in place until Sept. 15):

  • those with odd-numbered addresses may use outdoor water on odd-numbered days.
  • those with even-numbered addresses may use outdoor water on even-numbered days.

On your scheduled day, outdoor watering is permitted at any time with a hand-held hose, can or bucket and sprinklers can be used in between 5 and 10 a.m.

Drought stresses trees and can lead to permanent damage, especially in young trees. Unlike grass, trees do not go dormant during times of drought – they continue to try to grow. Water trees before watering our lawns to avoid long-term damage.

Lengthy periods without rain – a few weeks or more – can lead to the most common symptoms of stress, including browning and wilting of leaves.  Sometimes the symptoms of drought stress are not visible until the next year, when they appear in the form of insect attacks and disease.

For more information on tree watering, maintenance and the Urban Forest Management Plan, see

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