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null City to Hold Pet-Tag Blitz

May 22, 2013 -

Kingston by-law officers are on the lookout this week for unregistered pets.

Bylaw Enforcement Officers will be on the streets and in parks proactively issuing notices to pet owners with unregistered animals along with a date that a pet-tag must be purchased by.

City Bylaw 2004-144 requires licences for dogs more than 20 weeks old living in any part of the city and for cats more than 20 weeks old and living in the urban area.

"This time of year we see an increase in the number of animals that stray away from home," says Kim Leonard, Manager, Licensing and Enforcement. "We want to get out and talk to pet-owners about the importance of purchasing pet-tags which could help save their pet a trip to the pound."

Pet tags can also save you money: it costs more than $100 to reclaim a lost pet from the pound. If your pet has a tag, your pet can be identified and be brought back home.

2013 pet tags cost:

  • Dog (intact): $46
  • Dog (spayed or neutered): $17.50
  • Cat (intact): $23
  • Cat (spayed or neutered): $6.60

To help control the pet population, the City charges less to register or renew a licence for spayed or neutered pets.  Guide dogs can be registered at no cost.

Pet tags can be purchased at City Hall, Payment Centre, 216 Ontario St., the Kingston Humane Society, 1 Binnington Crt., and participating veterinary clinics and pet stores including:  McEwen Animal Hospital, Sims Animal Hospital, Princess Animal Hospital, Collins Bay Animal Hospital, Frontenac Animal Hospital, Pet Valu Better Pet Nutrition Stores, Global Pet Foods and Pet Paradise.


Media contact: For more information contact Cindie Ashton, Communications Officer 613-546-4291, extension 3116. Or call the City of Kingston's media hotline at 613-546-4291, ext. 2300.