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May 16, 2016 -

Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington fire departments would like to provide some important fire safety tips to help protect our wildlands from the devastation of fire.

Campfires are the leading cause of preventable wildfires in Ontario. 

  • Check with your local Fire Department or Ministry of Natural Resources for burning restrictions or bylaws before burning grass or brush around your home or cottage.
  • Build campfires on bare soil or exposed rock, well sheltered from the wind. Keep a pail of water and a shovel on hand to control the fire.
  • Douse campfires with water and stir the ashes with a stick or shovel to allow water to soak in and cool the ashes and the ground.
  • Campfires should never be left unattended and must be thoroughly extinguished before leaving the site.
  • Extinguish cigarette butts by dousing them with water or crushing them thoroughly in bare mineral soil or on bare rock.
  • Never discard a burning cigarette in the bush or from the window of a moving vehicle.
  • Allow portable generators, stoves and lanterns to cool before refueling. Refuel on bare soil or exposed rock.
  • Take your garbage with you – especially any glass which may reflect light.
  • Do not operate trackers or ATV vehicles with hot engines in tall grass or vegetation.

By following these tips, you will greatly reduce the chance of wildfire and injury.


For further information: Delbert Blakney, Chair, KFL&A Mutual Aid Fire Prevention Committee 613-548-4001 Ext. 5124