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Interested in serving on a committees/boards?

June 9, 2015 -

Become one of the people who make Kingston work.

Please Note: To be eligible to serve on most committees or boards, you must qualify as a municipal elector. Specifically:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older;
  • You must reside in the municipality, or be an owner, tenant of land (or spouse of same);
  • You must not be prohibited from voting; and
  • You must be a Canadian citizen.

A description of the mandate of each committee or board as well as background and helpful skills is noted below.

Kingston environmental advisory forum (KEAF)

One public member required

The purpose of the forum is to draw on knowledge within the Kingston community, to broaden public information and consultation on environmental issues, and to provide advice and information. The Forum will bring together experts in environmental matters from community institutions, authorities and practitioners, and representatives of the public to collaborate, on a volunteer basis, on specific projects designed to provide long-range environmental strategies for the City of Kingston.

Skills: May appeal to individuals who are familiar with environmental concerns, committed to addressing local environmental issues, and are able to serve on a project team for specific projects and devote several hours each month to work on or research issues that come before the committee.

Composition: 12 public members, four members of council and seven technical  representatives.

Meets: Second Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall, 216 Ontario St.

Appointment: Term of council.

Kingston Frontenac Public Library board

One public member required

This board provides for the information, education and leisure needs of the citizens of the City of Kingston and the Townships of Frontenac through its five urban and 11 rural branches; establishes policies and appoints the chief librarian/CEO, who administers the library under the guidance of established board policies.

Skills: May appeal to those interested in the library, the community and their inter-relationship, and have a readiness to dedicate time and effort to the board's goals and purpose; a  knowledge of the community's social and economic conditions; and aptitude for both long and short range planning.

Composition: Seven public members and one member of council.

Meets: Fourth Wednesday of every month (excluding July and August) at 4:30 p.m. at the library's Central Branch, 130 Johnson St. with the occasional meeting taking place at another library branch. Committee of the Whole meetings are held in February, May and October on the second Wednesday at 4:30 PM.

Appointment: Term of council.

Kingston Memorial Centre advisory committee

One public member required

This committee advises staff on matters relating to capital upgrades, future developments, plans and Community partnerships and programs for the Kingston Memorial Centre site and facilities/amenities.

Skills: May appeal to those with innovative ideas and a creative interest in defining the future use of this property.

Composition: Four public members, two members of Council and one member of the Kingston and District Agricultural Society.

Meets: Quarterly basis, at a minimum.

Appointment: Two year terms.

Municipal accessibility advisory committee

One public member required, including individual with disabilities

This committee advises council each year about the preparation, implementation and effectiveness of its annual accessibility clan; reviews site plans and drawings described in Section 41 of the Planning Act; provides advice to council on: the accessibility for persons with disabilities to a building, structure or premise; the City's purchase of goods or services in order to assist council to meet its obligation to have regard to the accessibility for persons with disabilities; consults with and advises staff and council regarding accessibility issues as requested.

Skills: May appeal to ithose familiar with the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, who have a technical background, and a keen interest in accessibility issues as well as an understanding of the needs of persons living with a disability.

Note: Requirements of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act include that a majority of members shall be individuals with disabilities and, when advised, specific needs can be accommodated at meetings.

Composition: 15 public members and one member of council.

Meets: First Thursday every month at 1 p.m. at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, 53 Yonge St.

Appointment: Staggered terms of one or two years

All applications must be received by: Tuesday, June 23, at 4:30 p.m.

Visit for more information or to complete an online application.

Applications are also available at City Hall (clerk's department). Submit the application and a brief summary of your interest, background and skill set to: Diane Jackson, City Hall 216 Ontario St., Kingston, ON K7L 2Z3

Fax: 613-546-5232
Tel: 613-546-4291 ext.1375

Personal information, as defined in the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, and in accordance with MFIPPA. Personal information collected on the application form will be used to assist in selecting appointees for the various civic bodies and may form part of the publicly available meeting agendas and minutes. If appointed to a civic body, your personal information may also be used by City staff to conduct committee and City business. Questions regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of this personal information may be directed to Kevin Arjoon, deputy city clerk, 613-546-4291 ext. 1262 or

The nominations advisory committee will make recommendations to council. It reserves the right to check references and verify information contained in submissions.

Kevin Arjoon, deputy city clerk
Tel: 613-546-4291 ext. 1262

Dated at Kingston this June 9, 2015