Mayor’s Award Winners Announced At Canada Day Celebration - Mayor’s Award Winners Announced At Canada Day Celebration

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null Mayor’s Award Winners Announced At Canada Day Celebration

July 1, 2013 -

On the steps of Kingston's historic City Hall, Kingston's Mayor Mark Gerretsen celebrated Canada Day by honouring some of the city's top volunteers.  The First Capital Distinguished Citizen/Honourable Achievement Award and the Mayor's Award for Youth Volunteerism recognize individuals who have made a difference in the community through volunteerism. The dedicated volunteer award winners, Tammy Babcock, Cynthia Bradley, Dr. Robert Gordon, Katrina Putos, and Cheyenne Wood, have shown selfless leadership and empathy while serving the community.

"Kingston benefits enormously from the efforts of committed volunteers," said Mayor Mark Gerretsen.  "These awards are an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful citizens and youth who contribute considerable time and great energy toward improving our community."

2013 First Capital Distinguished Citizen Award

Dr. Robert Gordon

Dr. Robert Gordon is a humble man and has, by choice, avoided the spotlight, much preferring to go about the task of helping people in need and not asking or looking for a thank you.  Dr.  Gordon is a Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Queen's University, and his volunteerism has a common theme:  the desire to do whatever is needed to make another's life better.  He is well known at Martha's Table where, for the last 15 years, he played a very versatile role ranging from acting as a board member to participating in fundraisers and even peeling 100 pounds of potatoes.  He has helped seniors with the tax form/applications for many years, as well as a volunteered with Chalmers United Church and the Rideau Trail.  Those who have worked alongside him say he is one of those few and rare individuals that, when you are with them, you know you are in the presence of someone special, not just by word or deed, but simply by the essence of the man coming through. 

2013 First Capital Honourable Achievement Award

Tammy Babcock

Tammy Babcock has been a volunteer for over 20 years and recently has started volunteering internationally.  She worked in Thailand following the tsunami helping to rebuild homes and construct a community centre. Most recently, she has been focused on making a difference in Haiti.  Tammy founded an organization, "Help Tammy Help Haiti," to support that community's needs , following the devastating 2010 earthquake, with the completion of a water tower and medical clinic.  Her work in Haiti only fuels her work here at home in Kingston.  She is involved with the youth of our city and surrounding areas, encouraging youth to get involved as volunteers.

2013 Mayor's Award Winners for Youth Volunteerism

Grade 5-8 – Cheyenne Wood

Cheyenne Wood's kindness and generosity are well known through her involvement with Community Response to Neighbourhood Concerns (CRNC) over the past four years.  She was actively involved with many activities in Kingston, which include: Winter Family Skating Party at the Wally Elmer Youth Centre; Spring Dance at the Wally Elmer Arena Youth Centre; Get Active Healthy & Safe Fair Wally Elmer Youth Centre; and the Summer Celebration Shannon Park.  Cheyenne has worked with other Junior CRNC members on a number of projects (including Safe Food Handling, Red Cross First Aid/CPR), and has also worked as a peer mentor for children in need, assisted with planting gardens at Shannon Park and played a leadership role in her school with respect to anti-bullying. 

Grade 9-12 – Cynthia Bradley

Cynthia Bradley joined the Ongwanada Volunteer Team by volunteering directly with adults who have developmental disabilities.  She has since visited community residences in order to bring fun activities to the residents.  She personally interacts with the clients, often one-on-one:  nail polishing, applying spa products, providing books and reading, doing crafts, baking and more.  Through this volunteer work, Cynthia has proven herself to be incredibly motivated, enthusiastic and caring.  Her passion to support those with special needs is an inspiration to everyone in Kingston.

Post-Secondary – Katrina Putos

Katrina Putos has been involved with the K-Town Triathlon since the age of 4 and, in 2007,  served as the event's Run Director, Transition Director and Bike Director.  Her love of athletics weaves an inspiring story throughout her volunteer career.  She's served as a volunteer coach in basketball since grade 9, working with athletes in younger grades while she was still in high school.  Katrina is now at Queen's Faculty of Education, where she currently serves as the assistant volunteer Pegasus Club coach in Volleyball.  Those who know Katrina, know she is a remarkable person who believes in volunteering, making a difference, being an achiever, being focused and goal oriented, leading by example and is not afraid to be involved and get others involved.

The citizens of Kingston are one of the driving forces that make this City such a desirable place to live, work, and play.

Winners of the awards were celebrated at the Civic Ceremony at the City of Kingston's Canada Day celebrations on July 1st at 12-noon at City Hall.  Celebrate Canada and support those who lead and inspire your community. For more information about the Canada Day celebrations and the awards, visit  


Media contact: For more information contact Cindie Ashton, Communications Officer (613) 546-4291, extension 3116 (cell 329-3462). Or call the City of Kingston's media hotline at 613-546-4291, ext 2300.