Mayor To Hold Community Meetings Across The City - Mayor To Hold Community Meetings Across The City

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null Mayor To Hold Community Meetings Across The City

January 4, 2013 -

Today the Mayor announced a series of community meetings throughout the City to update residents on the progress this council has made at the half way mark of their term.

"Informing and hearing from residents about the work we are doing is extremely important to me and my Council colleagues", said Mayor Mark Gerretsen. "By holding these meetings, taking our progress to the people we have a unique opportunity to talk about our achievements and our challenges while listening to residents."

In 2011, the City of Kingston developed a comprehensive four year strategic plan to set out the priorities of Council for their term. The strategic plan outlines six key priorities of Council:

  1. Maintaining and Enhancing Infrastructure
  2. Enabling Economic Development
  3. Rejuvenating Brownfields
  4. Facilitating Affordable Housing
  5. Creating and Protecting Green Spaces
  6. Developing Proactive Community Plans

"I think it's a great idea to have forums where constituents can hear from various Councillors and the Mayor while getting a chance to speak on matters of concern - or even tell us what we are doing right," said Councillor Liz Schell.

All meetings are open to the public with parking available at each location. Each meeting will be roughly two hours long and will consist of a brief presentation from the Mayor with time for residents to pose questions to the Mayor and Councillors attending. The districts have been combined into four meetings on the dates and locations below:

1) Jan. 14 7:30 pm Countryside (Sydenham Rd E to Boundary Rd 6) and Pittsburgh Army / Navy / Air Force Hall 317 Gore Road
2) Jan. 21 7:30 pm Countryside (Sydenham Rd W to Loyalist Township) Collins-Bayridge / Lakeside / Loyalist-Cataraqui / INVISTA Centre 1350 Gardiners Road (at Fortune Crescent)
3) Jan. 31 7:00 pm Williamsville / King's Town / Sydenham Memorial Hall Kingston City Hall, 216 Ontario Street
4) Feb. 20 7:00 pm Portsmouth / Trillium / Cataraqui / Kingscourt-Strathcona 53 Yonge Street


As the Countryside District has a fairly large landmass the district has divided in two along Sydenham Road. Residents living in Countryside from Sydenham Road East to the Boundary Road 6 can attend the January 14 meeting and residents from Sydenham Road W to Loyalist Township can attend the January 21 meeting.

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Media contact information:
Mark Gerretsen, Mayor
613-546-4291 ext. 1402