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null Public Meeting - Planning Committee

April 9, 2013 -

The City of Kingston Planning Committee will meet to discuss the matters listed below on Thursday, April 18, at 6:30 p.m., Council Chambers, City Hall

Public Meetings

363, 365, & 367 Johnson St. – Highpoint Developments Inc. - Applicant – D14-238-2012

The revised plan proposes to demolish the existing two buildings (single detached dwelling and semi-detached dwelling) and replace them with a single building consisting of 10 dwelling units with a mix of 2 and 4 bedroom units. The average number of proposed bedrooms per unit is 3.4. One unit is designed to meet the accessibility criteria of the Ontario Building Code.

Lots 103-112, 13M-85 – Greenwood Park Limited – D14-010-2013

Application for Zoning By-Law Amendment in Greenwood Park West Subdivision to reduce the lot frontage and rear yard depth and to eliminate the maximum front yard depth.

222 Stuart St. & 28 Albert St. – Queen's University – Applicant – D14-013-2013

Application for Zoning By-Law Amendment to construct an eight storey, 208 bed residence on Albert Street and a six storey, 338 bed residence on Stuart Street.


(Items for Discussion/Recommendation)


Harmonization of Parkland Dedication By-Laws

The purpose of this amendment is to harmonize the Parkland Dedication By-Laws No. 8820 former City of Kingston, By-Law No. 83-2 former Kingston Township and By-Law No. 14-88 former Pittsburgh Township. The proposed by-law will provide standard requirements for parkland dedication across the entire municipality. The intent of the by-law is to assist the City in meeting the parkland needs of new residents, to clearly establish the requirements for parkland for land developers as well as to consider a number of incentives that support overall City strategic priorities.

1328 John F. Scott Road - Farzad & Shanae Jehani – Applicant – D14-273-2012

Application for Zoning By-Law Amendment to permit a catering service business as a home occupation on the property. A second kitchen will be installed within a mobile trailer.

1201 Woodhaven Dr. - Tamarack (Cataraqui West) Corp. – D14-261-012

Application for Zoning By-Law Amendment to modify the zone to accommodate minor lot changes and setbacks in order to better facilitate the buildings intended to be constructed.

Information regarding the above can be viewed at the Planning and Development Department, 1211 John Counter Blvd., during normal office hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Dated at Kingston, Ontario
this 9th day of April, 2013
Grant C. Bain, Director
Planning & Development Department