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Public Notice - Mid-term Committees

April 30, 2013 -

Become one of the people who make Kingston work.

Age-Friendly Advisory Committee

(3 Public Members)

To advise and assist with the creation and implementation of a three year action plan based on the Age-Friendly Kingston Stage One Report and in keeping with the direction of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Age-Friendly Program. The Committee will assist staff in assessing the feasibility of each of the 58 recommendations in the Age-Friendly Kingston Stage One Report; place the recommendations in order of priority; identify leads and time frames for completion; identify indicators to measure success and articulate any municipal budget considerations.

Skills: May appeal to individuals who have been involved in the provision of older adult services or organizations, have a knowledge of the older adult community's social and economic conditions and needs, experience in long and short range planning, and can dedicate time and effort to the creation and implementation of the three year action plan based on the Age-Friendly Kingston Stage One Report.
Composition: Three (3) members of the public, one (1) member of Council, and one (1) member from each of the following groups: Seniors Association Kingston Region staff, the Council on Aging, Downtown Kingston! staff, Chamber of Commerce staff, Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation, KFL&A Public Health, Ontario Seniors' Secretariat, and the United Way.
Schedule of Meetings: Meets monthly or at the call of the Chair.
Appointment: November 30, 2014

Arts Advisory Committee

(1 Public Member)

Fosters awareness of City goals and methods within the arts community, including: monitoring the impact and effectiveness of the City arts programs; making recommendations regarding existing programs and new initiatives; through the Arts, Recreation and Community Policies Committee, making staff and Council aware of changing conditions and opportunities in the arts, and, of the present and potential impact of non-art programs and policies on the arts sector.

Skills: May appeal to individuals who are familiar with Kingston's cultural/arts landscape and have a sense of the role of arts/culture in society
Composition: Two (2) public members, one (1) member of Council and eight (8) arts representatives nominated by the executive board of the Kingston Arts Council.
Schedule of Meetings: Meets on the second Thursday of every month at 9 a.m. at City Hall, 216 Ontario St.
Appointment: November 30, 2014

Kingston Environmental Advisory Forum

(One Public Member)

Assists and advises Council regarding environmental issues, assists in the development of a broad-based comprehensive environmental strategy for the City and the implementation of specific action plans relative to identified environmental issues.

Skills: May appeal to individuals who are familiar with environmental concerns, are committed to addressing local environmental issues, can serve on a project team for specific projects and can devote several hours each month to work on or research issues that come before the committee.
Composition: 12 public members, four (4) members of Council, and six Technical Representatives.
Schedule of Meetings: Meets on the second Monday every month at 6:30 p.m., at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library on 130 Johnson St.
Appointment: November 30, 2014

Committee of Adjustment

(One Public Member)

Provides public hearings for minor variances and severance applications in accordance with the Planning Act and guided by the Official Plan.

Skills: A demonstrated commitment to and interest in the community; an understanding of the planning framework and planning documents and guidelines, including the Official Plan, Zoning By-laws and other planning policy including the Planning Act, provincial policy statement. Candidates must be objective and have an open mind in order to fully consider the evidence provided
Composition: Seven (7) public members
Schedule of Meetings: Meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 5 p.m. at 1211 John Counter Blvd.
Appointment: November 30, 2014

Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee

(2 Public Members)

Advises Council each year about the preparation, implementation and effectiveness of its annual Accessibility Plan; reviews site plans and drawings described in Section 41 of the Planning Act; provides advice to Council on: the accessibility for persons with disabilities to a building, structure or premise; the City's purchase of goods or services in order to assist Council to meet its obligation to have regard to the accessibility for persons with disabilities; consults with and advises staff and Council regarding accessibility issues as requested.

Skills: This Committee may appeal to individuals who are familiar with the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, who have a technical background, and who have a keen interest in accessibility issues as well as an understanding of the needs of persons living with a disability.
Note: Requirements of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act include that a majority of members shall be individuals with disabilities and when advised, specific needs can be accommodated at meetings.
Composition: 15 public members, one (1) member of Council
Schedule of Meetings: Meets on the first Thursday every month at 1 p.m. at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, 53 Yonge St.
Appointment: November 30, 2014

The Museums and Collections Advisory Committee

(6 Public Members)

To support the continuing implementation of the Kingston Culture Plan, as it relates to the two civic museums, (MacLachlan Woodworking Museum, and the Pump House Steam Museum), the Kingston City Hall National Historic Site, the Civic Collection, and the broader Kingston museum community; monitor and inform the development of policies, exhibitions and programs, initiatives, indicators and performance measures related to community cultural vitality in the context of historical interpretation, museums and collections, and to advise City staff and Council of current best practices in the museums sector related to collections, exhibitions, and programming.

Skills: May appeal to individuals who have experience in the following areas: cultural heritage, museum policy development, strategic planning, exhibitions, material and narrative history, research and interpretation, public programming, community engagement, cultural tourism, collections development and management.
Composition: Six (6) Members of the Public, two (2) Members of Council, the Managing Director of the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Sites, two (2) museum professionals nominated by the Board of the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Sites, and two (2) Representatives from community-based heritage groups.
Schedule of Meetings: Meets bi-monthly or at the call of the Chair.
Appointment: November 30, 2014

All applications must be received by: Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Visit for more information or to apply to serve by completing an online application. Applications are also available at City Hall (Clerk's Department).

Submit the application and a brief summary of your interest, background and skill set to:

  • Diane Jackson, City Hall 216 Ontario St., Kingston, and ON KZL 2Z3
  • Fax: 613-546-5232 Tel 613-546-4291 Ext 1375
  • Email:

Personal information, as defined in the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, and in accordance with MFIPPA. Personal information collected on the application form will be used to assist in selecting appointees for the various civic bodies and may form part of the publicly available meeting agendas and minutes. If appointed to a civic body, your personal information may also be used by City staff to conduct committee and City business. Questions regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of this personal information may be directed to the Kevin Arjoon, Deputy City Clerk, 613-546-4291 ext. 1262 or

The nominations Advisory Committee will make recommendations to Council. It reserves the right to check references and verify information contained in submissions.