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Public Notice - Planning Committee

Thursday, Jan. 15, at 6:30 p.m. – Council Chambers, City Hall

The City of Kingston Planning Committee will meet to discuss the matters listed below beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Public Meetings

771 Montreal St. –John Howard Society. – D14-098-2014

Application for Zoning Bylaw Amendment to permit an additional six transitional housing units for a total of 15 transitional housing units within the existing building. The footprint of the building will not change, however, new stairs and a deck will be added to the rear of the building to provide egress.

1370 John Counter Blvd. – Driveway Realties Ltd. – D14-096-2014

Application for Zoning Bylaw Amendment to permit the development of a business park with approximately eight buildings, surface parking and a stormwater management pond.

662 King St. West – Stoney Brook Development Corp. – D09-022-2014 & D14-097-2014

Applications for Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment to permit the  development of a three-and-a-half storey townhouse building with three residential units.

259-265 Princess Street – Joseph Abramsky & Sons Ltd. – D14-099-2014

Application for Zoning Bylaw Amendment to permit the conversion of the second floor of the existing fourstorey building from retail to residential, adding an additional eight residential units.

94-96 College St. – Michael & Mary Ellen Greenwood – D14-090-2014

Application for Zoning Bylaw Amendment to permit a change to the lot boundary between the two properties. No development is proposed as part of this application.


(Items for Discussion/Recommendation)

94-96 College St. – Michael & Mary Ellen Greenwood – D14-090-2014

See description under Public Meetings.

2700 Delmar St. – 976653 Ontario Inc. – D12-016-2014

Applications for Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning Bylaw Amendment to create 23 single-detached dwelling lots, 21 semi-detached dwelling lots (42 semi-detached dwelling units), two residential blocks, a park block, and the continuation of three municipal roads. The proposed zone will have similar regulations for residential development as the rest of the Cataraqui North neighbourhood.

685 & 695 Innovation Dr. – Gregcliff Homes Ltd. – D07-005-2014

Application for Final Plan of Condominium to register two partially single-storey and two-storey mixed use commercial and industrial buildings each containing 11 units as a condominium.

745 Highway 15 – Homestead Landholdings Limited – D11-077-2014

Application for Site Plan Control to construct a 14-storey, 116 unit, residential apartment building. A total of 145 parking spaces will be provided; 48 of those parking spaces will be at grade and 132 will be within an underground structure.

1292 Highway 15 – Great Oak Montessori – D14-091-2014

Application for Zoning Bylaw Amendment to permit a private school and day nursery uses on the subject site by repurposing the existing building so that those uses occur within the existing building.

Information regarding the above can be viewed at the Planning and Development Department, 1211 John Counter Blvd., during normal office hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Dated at Kingston, Ontario
this 13th day of January, 2015

Paige Agnew, director
Planning, building and licensing services