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null Public Notice - Planning Committee

March 26, 2013 -

Thursday, April 4 at 6:30 p.m. – Council Chambers, City Hall

The City of Kingston Planning Committee will meet to discuss the matters listed below beginning at 6:30 p.m.


114 Collingwood St. – Podium Developments - Applicant – D14-006-2013
Application for Zoning By-Law Amendment to permit a dwelling unit in a cellar, along with a reduction in the required lot area and a reduction in the required parking. The proposal contains one five bedroom unit, and one two bedroom unit.

Proposed Amendment to the Official Plan & Zoning By-Law to Implement the Williamsville Main Street Study
The purpose of the proposed amendments is to implement the recommendations of the Williamsville Main Street Study (2012). The proposed Official Plan Amendment will include: modifications to the Main Street Commercial designation policies; the creation of a new special policy area (policies and map); an amendment to Schedule 13 to recognize the Williamsville Main Street as a "Special Policy Area"; and, an amendment to the Land Use Schedule to correct the designation of 300 Regent Street and 541 College Street. The proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment will include the creation of a site-specific commercial ‘C' zone, which will include: the use of a holding (‘H') symbol related to site servicing issues and the submission of a  record of Site Condition; permitted and prohibited uses; and, regulations related to height control, setbacks, amenity area, parking and loading spaces, and projections into yards.

318 University Ave. – 1257353 Ontario Inc. – D14-009-2013
Application for Zoning By-Law Amendment to construct a fourth unit with six bedrooms at the rear of the existing three unit building.

301-303 Sydenham St. – BPE Development – Applicant – D14-003-2013
Application for Zoning By-Law Amendment to convert the existing duplex to a multiple family dwelling containing six units. The application requests to amend the One-Family Dwelling and Two-Family Dwelling (A) zone to permit the proposed six units; permit a dwelling unit in the cellar; recognize the existing non-complying standards of the existing building; reduce the number of parking spaces; eliminate the requirement for barrier free parking; reduce the amenity area; eliminate the requirement for play space; and, increase density.

BUSINESS (Items for Discussion/Recommendation):

Administrative Amendment to the Official Plan
The administrative amendment is to provide minor corrections, changes and modifications to clarify the text and schedules of the City of Kingston Official Plan.

Central Accommodation Review
This report provides a summary of six past studies that have examined the issue of residential development and intensification in the City's urban core. The report is being submitted as a component of the City's Central Accommodation Review.

Harmonization of Industrial Establishment Parking Ratio Industrial Parking Ratios
The purpose of this amendment is to harmonize the parking ratio for industrial establishments in By-Law Nos. 76-26, 8499, and 32-74 with the Downtown and Harbour Zoning By-Law No. 96-259.

3375 & 3385 Van Order Rd. – Paul & Denise Vanden Engel – D14-240-2012
The application requests to amend the site specific General Agricultural (A2-7) zone in order to separate the existing landscaping business from the existing residential use.

Information regarding the above can be viewed at the Planning and Development Department, 1211 John Counter Blvd., during normal office hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Dated at Kingston, Ontario this 26th day of March,

Grant C. Bain, Director 2013 Planning & Development Department