Public Notice - Planning Committee - April 18, 2019 - Public Notice - Planning Committee - April 18, 2019

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null Public Notice - Planning Committee - April 18, 2019

April 9, 2019 -

Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. Council Chambers, City Hall, 216 Ontario Street

Please note: No parking rates are being considered anywhere in Kingston East. This April 18 planning committee meeting notice contains an item about the proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment for the Kingston East Community Centre. This item refers to a "parking rate specific to the community centre use." In this instance "parking rate" refers  to the number of parking spaces. We apologize for any confusion surrounding this. There will be no cost for parking at the community centre.


The City of Kingston planning committee will meet to discuss the matters listed below beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Public Meeting

40 Compton St. – City of Kingston – D35-004-2018

The applicant is proposing an Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment, and Draft Plan of Subdivision to support the redevelopment of the Headway Block as part of the Rideau Heights Regeneration Strategy, Phase 2. The overall development plan for Phase 2 proposes the demolition of 13 existing townhouse units, the renovation of 233 existing townhouse units, and the construction of a total of 195 new units to achieve a total of 306 affordable units owned by Kingston Frontenac Housing Corporation (KFHC) and 122 units that will have a market rent for a total of 428 units. Additionally, Headway Park is proposed to be redesigned to accommodate a new east-west connection between Wilson Street and Compton Street. The application proposes to upgrade the existing east-west connection (i.e. fire lane) to become a municipal road. In total, 342 parking spaces will be incorporated as part of this development.

The Draft Plan of Subdivision application applies to 8 blocks in the Headway Park area. Through this application, the applicant is proposing to establish a municipal road and reconfigure the existing parcels to accommodate the redevelopment.


Items for discussion/recommendation

15 Grenadier Dr. – City of Kingston – D14-026-2018

Application for Zoning By-law amendment for the proposed Kingston East Community Centre. A site-specific Institutional ‘I-9' zone is proposed for the majority of the property to address specific development standards such as the establishment of a parking rate specific to the community centre use, permission for overflow parking off-site at LaSalle Secondary School, and to ensure the proposed accessory uses are permitted as part of the community centre. Proposed accessory uses include a fitness studio, washroom and change room facilities, a gymnasium, an indoor walking track, a kitchen, drop-in child care centre, multi-purpose rooms, reception area and staff room, office spaces and a waiting and lounge area.

Population, Housing & Employment Projection Study

An update to the Population, Housing and Employment Forecast Study is conducted every 5 years as the forecasts provide the foundation for the City's long-range land use, transportation, infrastructure and capital expenditure planning. The updated study, prepared by Watson & Associates Economists Ltd., provides population, housing and employment forecasts within the Kingston Census Metropolitan Area and the City of Kingston to 2046. The current study also provides an analysis of the City's rental market including trends and forecasted growth, as well as an evaluation and estimate of student population change and its impact on future housing demand. The final study report will be presented by the project consultant at the March 21st Planning Committee meeting.  An accompanying City staff report is also being brought forward to recommend that Council endorse the Population, Housing and Employment Growth Forecast, 2016 to 2046 Final Report for planning purposes.

Additional Opportunities for Public Participation in the Planning Approvals Process – City of Kingston

In order to enhance public participation in the planning approvals process, staff are recommending adding an open house event for complex Planning Act applications that are presented before the Planning Committee. It is recommended that the open house approach for complex Planning Act applications, as described in the supplementary report, take effect on July 1, 2019.

For additional planning applications, complete notices and agendas visit

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Information regarding the above can be viewed at planning, building and licensing services, 1211 John Counter Blvd., during normal office hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Dated at Kingston, Ontario
This 9th day of April, 2019

Paige Agnew, director
Planning, building and licensing services