Public Notice - Planning Committee - Aug 29, 2017 - Public Notice - Planning Committee - Aug 29, 2017

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null Public Notice - Planning Committee - Aug 29, 2017

August 22, 2017 -

Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall, 216 Ontario St.

The City of Kingston planning committee will meet to discuss the matters listed below beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Public Meeting

102-104 Park St. – Robert Blasko – D14-013-2017

Application for Zoning Bylaw amendment to permit the construction of two semi-detached dwellings on the abutting lots located at 102 and 104 Park St. The development would result in a total of four residential units across the two properties, with two units on each site. The two existing single-detached dwellings would be demolished to accommodate the semi-detached dwellings.

203-205 Colborne St. – Jay Patry – D14-195-2010

Application for Zoning Bylaw amendment to permit three on-site parking spaces to be accessed via a proposed easement over the abutting property to the north, municipally known as 24 Elm St. The proposed access easement is the subject of an active consent application.

306-308 Montreal St. – D14-026-2017

Application for Zoning Bylaw amendment to permit the potential conversion of the ground floor of the existing building to two, two-bedroom dwelling units. The requested amendment would maintain existing permissions for a ‘Neighbourhood Store' on all or a portion of the ground floor with the potential to convert the remaining ground floor to a dwelling unit. The proposed amendment also permits relief from a number of performance standards such as the maximum permitted residential density, minimum required amenity space, and the number and dimensions of parking spaces.

225 King St. – Frontenac Club Inn Inc. – D35-004-2017

Applications for Official Plan amendment and Zoning Bylaw amendment to recognize the long-standing use of the property for an inn, limited service restaurant, meeting facility, and special event venue, as well as broaden the permitted uses to include other commercial and residential uses appropriate for the existing location and structure.


Items for discussion/recommendation

346 University Ave. – Bob Clark – D14-172-2009

Application for Zoning Bylaw amendment to permit two additional dwelling units within an existing four-storey, eight-unit apartment building. This proposal requires relief from zoning provisions such as amenity space and parking, and seeks to permit habitation in the cellar.

66 Earl St. – Mark Peabody – D14-019-2017

Application for Zoning Bylaw amendment to permit a second dwelling unit within the cellar of the existing semi-detached dwelling located at 66 Earl St. The applicant proposes to accommodate two on-site parking spaces in tandem configuration of dimension 2.6 metres x 6.0 metres. The applicant proposes a minimum interior ceiling height for the proposed second dwelling unit and indoor amenity area of 6 foot 10 inches.

752 King St. West – Kingston Provincial Campus– D09-075-2012, D14-272-2012 & D12-075-2012

The applicant proposes to re-designate the lands to permit Institutional, open space, low, medium and high density residential, and mixed use commercial/residential development. The proposed draft plan of subdivision incudes three proposed blocks of land for future development , a block for storm water management, an open space block, cultural heritage block and four proposed street blocks.

950 Centennial Dr. – Reichmann Seniors Housing Development Corporation – D14-010-2017

Application for Zoning Bylaw amendment to reduce the parking ratio through the application of a retirement-home-to-dwelling-unit ratio that would facilitate a future site plan modification for the development of the Phase 2 lands with a memory care centre and medical offices. A site-specific definition of ‘retirement home suite' is proposed.

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Information regarding the above can be viewed at planning, building and licensing services, 1211 John Counter Blvd., during normal office hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Dated at Kingston, Ontario
This 22nd day of August, 2017

Paige Agnew, director
Planning, building and licensing services