Public Open Houses To Discuss Sustainable Turf Management - Public Open Houses To Discuss Sustainable Turf Management

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null Public Open Houses To Discuss Sustainable Turf Management

February 25, 2013 -

The City is seeking public input as it develops a sustainable turf care plan for parks and sports fields.

Two upcoming public meetings/open houses will give the community opportunities to become informed and comment on the proposed turf care plan.

  • 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday, March 4 in the Press Lounge at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, 53 Yonge St.
  • 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, March 6 in Room A/B at the INVISTA Centre, 1350 Gardiners Rd.

The City and its consultants, MMM Group Ltd., are proposing a turf-care plan that will enhance the experience of the playing fields for user groups, promote environmental sustainability and reduce some maintenance cost through operational efficiencies.

"Best practices for maintaining our sports fields will be discussed. Proposed areas in parks to be naturalized will be presented. The sustainable turf care plan is a strategy to help us make sustainable use of City resources while still providing for the enjoyment of these public spaces," says Neal Unsworth, Manager of Parks Development.

Sports field practices being recommended include standardized fertilizing, aeration, overseeding and field resting. Passive park naturalization is a managed turf care strategy that involves the over seeding of defined areas of parks with a meadow grass mixture and promoting the grass to grow long. These areas are proposed to be maintained on a seasonal basis thus reducing grass cutting and adding texture to the park landscape. The passive naturalization strategy is being considered for areas in parks that are larger than 0.5 hectares that:

  • are not programmed for active use/play
  • are adjacent to natural areas or watercourses
  • contain steeper slopes such as 3:1
  • contain green spaces that are not easily maintained by mowing (eg. low-lying areas, rocky terrain)

The open houses will present designs for passive naturalization in 27 parks. The parks proposed to have naturalized areas developed are:
100 Foot, Ashton, Bayshore, Castell, Cataraqui Woods, Cloverdale, Edenwood, Gardenwalk, Garrigan,Hudson, Caton's , Lafleur, LaSalle, Lawrence, Lila Burke, Lions Civic Gardens, McCullough (west), Meadowbrook, Oak Street, Old Colony, Rodden, Runnymede, Shannon's Corners, Snider, William Hackett, Woodbine and Woodlands.

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Media contact: For more information contact Cindie Ashton, Communications Officer 613-546-4291, ext. 3116. Or call the City of Kingston's media hotline at 613-546-4291, ext. 2300.