Renew your Pet Tags by April 1 - Renew your Pet Tags by April 1

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null Renew your Pet Tags by April 1

March 10, 2014 -

Your cat or dog must now be licensed by  April 1.  Pet tags are free for first-time registrants of spayed or neutered animals and for all animals under 6 months of age.

"Responsible pet owners license their pets. The tags make it easy for pets to be returned to you if they get lost," says Kim Leonard, Manager, Licensing and Enforcement. 

Need to register for or renew Pet Tags?

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Owners of previously licensed pets will have received renewal notices in the mail and can renew their licences online. 

Those registering their pets for the first time can go to  or can call 613-546-0000 to fill out an application.

The webpage offers the details of the City's Responsible Pet Ownership Program, which offers:

  • $100 vouchers for low-income families to spay/neuter their pets.
  • Refunds equal to the difference between the intact rate and the spayed/neutered rate of a tag with proof (a receipt) a pet has been spayed/neutered.
  • A free ride home to registered pets the first time they get lost. This saves owners pound fees.

The City bylaw regulating animals requires the registration of all dogs living in any part of the city and all cats living in the urban part of Kingston by April 1 every year. 

Pet licence fees help support the Responsible Pet Ownership Program and enforcement of the animal control bylaw, including: enforcement against unlicensed breeders, apprehension of at-large animals, as well as efforts to encourage spaying/neutering to better control the feral animal population.


Media contact: For more information contact Cindie Ashton, Media Relations Officer, 613-546-4291, ext. 3116. Or call Communications at 613-546-4291, ext. 2300.

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