Residents invited to review City's COVID-19 Response Update - Residents invited to review City's COVID-19 Response Update

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null Residents invited to review City's COVID-19 Response Update

April 21, 2020 -

A City of Kingston comprehensive information report captures the impact COVID-19 has had on its operations, including the many safety and community support measures put in place – and the $750,000 bottom line cost of the pandemic to the City so far.

Residents are encouraged to review the 12-page document.

“We are all in this together, and it’s important that Kingstonians are aware of all of the ways we’ve had to adapt at the City,” says CAO Lanie Hurdle. “Every action we’ve taken has been to ensure the continued delivery of essential services while minimizing risks to residents and staff.”

The COVID-19 Response Update Information Report offers a timeline of the actions taken by the City to address the pandemic and includes updates on:

  • Financial impacts of the pandemic on every City department, including lost revenue, cost savings, and unplanned expenses due to COVID-19. Departments have been tracking the financial impact on operations and proactively seeking out cost-saving measures. With Provincial funding support and a transfer from the Parking Reserve Fund, the City has been able to reduce the total cost of the pandemic to $750,000 through the end of April. This cost is expected to be covered by the Province and other reserve funds.
  • Pandemic communication initiatives and response.
  • Efforts to ensure un-housed members of the community are supported.
  • Financial assistance from the City and Utilities Kingston on bill and tax payments.
  • Changes to Kingston Transit service delivery to protect workers and passengers.
  • The waiving of parking fees.
  • Park amenity closures and cultural event cancellations.
  • Measures to protect waste collection staff and other changes to Solid Waste Services to reduce risks to residents and workers.
  • Rideaucrest Long-term Care Home prevention measures and operational changes.
  • Impacts to Planning Services, including moving Planning and Committee of Adjustment meetings online.
  • Impacts to Building & Enforcement Services, including accommodating the need to enforce of orders, based on Province of Ontario’s State of Emergency.
  • Moving Council meetings online.

“We know the immediate impact of this pandemic, but because this situation continues to evolve, the ripple effects remain unknown,” says Hurdle. However, the CAO remains confident. “As a team, and as a community, we will come out the other side of this emergency stronger, together.”