Select customers to receive Energy Insights to help conserve electricity - Select customers to receive Energy Insights to help conserve electricity

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null Select customers to receive Energy Insights to help conserve electricity

November 27, 2014 -

About 9,000 homes in central Kingston will soon receive personalized reports showing customers how they can save energy and money this heating season.

The "Energy Insights" reports offer selected electricity customers a breakdown of how they are using electricity to power appliances, heat or cool, and keep the lights on – and customized conservation advice, coupons and programs so they can start saving. 

 "These customers will benefit from conservation investments ahead of a cold winter. The homes receiving the reports have the highest potential for savings in the winter season, because they use electric space heating, for example," says Utilities Kingston President and CEO Jim Keech of this pilot program being run on behalf of Kingston Hydro. Homes were selected from the 27,000 customers in the Kingston Hydro electricity distribution area.

Utilities Kingston maintains and operates the electricity assets of Kingston Hydro and energy conservation is an important part of the multi-utility services it offers. Its customers are early adopters of new conservation programs and technologies – making it one of few utilities in Ontario on track to meet 2011-2014 provincially-mandated electricity conservation targets.

Utilities Kingston has partnered on this pilot project with Ecotagious, which has spent years developing sophisticated algorithms to help make sense of hourly smart meter data. Their "Energy Insights" technology will help create confidential, customized reports for each household.

Last winter, their reports helped Sudbury Hydro residential customers achieve savings of four per cent. "For the first time, customers can see exactly what they are spending their electricity dollars on. For those who want to save, this is the critical first step in knowing where to begin," says Bruce Townson, Ecotagious CEO. 

Kingston Hydro customers: look for your personalized report in the mail. Utilities Kingston invites your feedback on the reports, and its conservation team can offer even more detailed and tailored conservation advice online or over the phone.

Didn't receive an "Energy Insight" report, but want to save? Take advantage of the MyUtilities customer portal to understand your water or energy use. Or, get one-on-one conservation assistance by emailing or calling 613-546-0000 and saying "conservation."


Media contacts:

Cindie Ashton, Media Relations Officer for Utilities Kingston at 613-546-4291, ext.  3116.

Salim Popatia, VP, Business Development for Ecotagious Inc., 778-928-3778 or

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