Service Manager assumes control of Town Homes Kingston in response to regulatory breaches - Service Manager assumes control of Town Homes Kingston in response to regulatory breaches

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null Service Manager assumes control of Town Homes Kingston in response to regulatory breaches

July 23, 2018 -

The Service Manager for Kingston and County of Frontenac has assumed control of Town Homes Kingston's operations in response to a number of breaches under the Housing Services Act – including breaches to fire regulations.

"We are working with Kingston Fire & Rescue and have made compliance with fire regulations at Town Homes Kingston sites a top priority," says Lanie Hurdle, Service Manager.  Town Homes Kingston is a municipal not-for-profit housing corporation that operates nearly 400 units.

At 9 a.m., the Service Manager issued a Notice of Triggering Events and a Notice of Decision to Invoke a Remedy under the Provincial Housing Services Act to the board of directors of THK. This notice informed the board that:  The Service Manager is assuming operation of THK effective immediately.

Recent operational reviews of THK by the City shows that it has failed to secure life safety systems and current Fire Safety Plans at its sites.

"This deficiency was brought to the attention of Town Homes Kingston on June 6, and as of today, no action has been taken to rectify this health and safety issue," says Hurdle.

The operational reviews of THK also confirm additional breaches related to financial management and conflict of interest guidelines.

The Service Manager has also provided a Notice of Project in Difficulty to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.


Who should tenants call for property-related matters?

Tenants can continue to call Town Homes Kingston.

What does it mean to be the Service Manager of Town Homes Kingston?

The Service Manager has delegated authority from the Province of Ontario to manage housing and social services in the City of Kingston and County of Frontenac.

What is a ‘Notice of Triggering Event'?

It is a triggering event when a housing provider has contravened the Housing Services Act (HSA) or the regulations as defined by Section 83 of the HSA.  Notice of a Triggering Event is issued if the triggering event continues following the last day the service manager has given the housing provider to comply with regulations in a written notice.  The City gave Town Homes Kingston a written notice to comply with HSA regulations in relation to the fire code on June 6 and THK had not complied as of July 23. The Service Manager has issued the Notice of Triggering Event today in accordance with Section 90 of the HSA.

What is a ‘Notice of Project in Difficulty'?

A service manager – in this case, the commissioner of community services – must notify the Province of circumstances where an issue of non-compliance is present.  When this happens, a Notice of Project in Difficulty is sent to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to provide the details that led the City to issue the Notice of Triggering Event to the housing provider.

What properties does Town Homes Kingston manage?

Town Homes Kingston provides 397 apartments and townhouse units at several locations in Kingston. Some are available to low-income tenants receiving rent-geared-to-income housing subsidies. Locations include:

  • 205 Rideau St.
  • 2075 Battersea Rd.
  • 257 Rideau St.
  • 375 Patrick St.
  • Eldon Hall Place
  • 710 Division St.
  • 37 Cassidy St.

What is a Fire Safety Plan?

A Fire Safety Plan identifies the actions that should be taken by the occupants and building management in the event of a fire or emergency situation. It covers fire prevention, evacuation and emergency response.

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