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Smoke-free Ontario Act includes ban on cannabis in specific locations

October 18, 2018 -

Shared on behalf of KFL&A Public Health

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada and new laws in Ontario, KFL&A Public Health is reminding the public that the smoking of tobacco or cannabis and the vaping of any substance is banned in many places within our community.  

Erin Vretteas, Tobacco Enforcement Officer with KFL&A Public Health said that with the passing of the Ontario's Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act on October 17, 2018, smoking cannabis and the use of vapour products, such as e-cigarettes, is banned in the same places where smoking tobacco is not allowed. "In addition to the previous prohibitions on smoking, the Smoke-Free Ontario Act 2017 now includes new laws around cannabis and vaping, and includes additional areas where the smoking of tobacco or cannabis, or the use of electronic cigarettes is not permitted. Those additional areas include, within 20-metres of school property, 20-metres of a community recreational facility property, or 9-metres of a bar or restaurant patio." Additionally, cannabis cannot be consumed (smoked, vaped, eaten) in a vehicle or boat that is being driven or is at risk of being put into motion. The Act continues to ban the sale of tobacco and vapour products to youth under 19 years of age.  

The City of Kingston's bylaw to Regulate Smoking in Public Places and Workplaces, which currently places further restrictions on where tobacco can be smoked, will be updated in November to include restrictions on the smoking of cannabis, and vaping.

KFL&A Public Health continues to remind the public that there are health risks associated with the use of cannabis. If choosing to use cannabis, take these steps to reduce health risks:

  • Choose cannabis products that are less potent, such as those with a high CBD (cannabidiol) to THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) ratio.
  • Delay using cannabis until later in life, as the brain continues to develop until around the age of 25 years.
  • Limit to only occasional use.
  • Choose natural cannabis over synthetic cannabinoids (e.g., K2 or Spice).
  • Don't use cannabis and drive.
  • If you smoke cannabis, avoid inhaling deeply or breath holding.
  • Choose vaping or edibles over smoking cannabis. (Edibles have a delayed effect. To reduce risks, start slow and with low THC).
  • Avoid cannabis if you are at risk for mental health problems, planning a pregnancy, pregnant, or breastfeeding.

For health-related facts on cannabis, visit For information on where cannabis can be smoked or vaped, visit  


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