Storm response update: know your electricity provider - Storm response update: know your electricity provider

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null Storm response update: know your electricity provider

April 5, 2018 -

Utilities Kingston reminds local residents and businesses to know who provides their electricity – and who to call in case of a power outage. During yesterday's wind storm, its operations centre and communications staff redirected hundreds of phone calls and tweets from Hydro One customers.

"While we are always available to answer questions and support every one of Kingston's residents and businesses, fielding calls from outside Utilities Kingston's service area during major utility emergencies ties up our phone lines and diverts staff time from dealing with the emergency at hand. We want to ensure that we are entirely focused on safely and quickly restoring services to our customers," says Jim Keech, president and CEO of Utilities Kingston.

High winds and falling tree limbs knocked out power to more than 6,000 Utilities Kingston customers in the area south of Bath Road, southwest of Princess and east of Little Cataraqui Creek. Crews quickly restored power to this area (within two hours), as well as four other smaller storm-related outages. In less than an hour, crews restored power to this area, and also handled four other smaller storm-related outages.*

Technicians from the Utilities Kingston's streetlight and traffic signals group also responded to 23 wind-damaged intersections.

Familiarize Yourself with your Electricity Provider and Know Who to Call

Kingston is primarily served by two electricity providers – Utilities Kingston and Hydro One. A small number of homes and businesses in Kingston East and north of the 401 receive their services from Eastern Ontario Power. If you are an Eastern Ontario Power customer, call 1-844-601-9473 in the case of a power outage. *

If your power outage is in the following areas, call Utilities Kingston 24/7 at 613-546-1181:

  • Barriefield and CFB Kingston
  • Central Kingston:
    • south of the 401
    • from the Little Cataraqui River, west to Dalton Avenue, Strathcona Park, Grenville Park, Fairway Hills and Collins Bay Penitentiary Lane.

Still not sure? Take a few minutes now to check your electricity bill and note your provider, or use the address lookup tool available from the Utilities Kingston website to see which of Utilities Kingston's services you receive: 

If your power outage is in the following areas, call Hydro One at 1-800-434-1235:

  • East Kingston, not including Barriefield and CFB Kingston
  • North of the 401
  • West Kingston, including Meadowbrook, Bayridge, La Salle, Auden Park, Henderson Place, Lakeland Acres, Reddendale, Cataraqui, Westbrook, Midland Park, Kingston Airport – and west of these areas.

Utilities Kingston would also like to remind the local community of the following safety messages:

Traffic signals

  • During wind storms, be aware of, and avoid driving or walking under, dangling traffic signal heads. Report to 613-546-1181.
  • Power outages and high winds mean that a number of traffic signals may not be working. Travellers are reminded to treat the affected intersections as though they are four-way stops and yield to traffic on the right.
  • Did you know we've installed 82 uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) at critical intersections throughout the city? In the event of a power outage, the UPS allow for safe and efficient traffic-flow, providing power for three to six hours.

Downed power lines:

  • If you see a downed power line or tree branch that has fallen on a power line, always assume it still has electricity flowing through it, even if it isn't sparking.
  • Stay back at least 10 metres or 33 feet (that's about the length of a school bus) and don't touch anything metal (such as guard rails) in the area.
  • Report it immediately by calling 911 or our emergency line at 613-546-1181. This line is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • If a power line falls on your car, the car and the ground around it may be electrified and you could be killed if you get out of the vehicle. Stay inside until the utility workers tell you it's safe to get out. Tell everyone to stay back 10 metres or 33 feet.

*This info was added after this release went out to the media.


Media contact: For more information contact 613-546-4291, ext. 2300.

About Utilities Kingston: Utilities Kingston operates multiple utilities through a single service structure, allowing it to deliver cost savings and customer service excellence. The company is unique in Ontario, combining water, wastewater, gas and electrical services, and broadband fibre optics in one company. Trusted by customers to deliver reliable utilities for more than 150 years, employees are proud to provide personal, responsive services.

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