Think Blue Cans & Grey Bags when sorting waste - Think Blue Cans & Grey Bags when sorting waste

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null Think Blue Cans & Grey Bags when sorting waste

July 9, 2014 -

The City wants you to think about Blue Cans and Grey Bags when you are sorting your household waste. That's because aluminum cans, which go in the Blue Box, and plastic bags, which go in the Grey Box, are two items that sometimes get put in the garbage even though they are recyclable.

"Think ‘Blue Cans' because aluminum cans are very valuable on the recycling market – worth $1,700 a tonne. And the energy saved from recycling a single can, could power a television for three hours. Cans are not garbage. We want every single one of them in the Blue Box," says Derek Ochej, Public Education Coordinator. 

He says that Kingston residents are excellent waste sorters, but find the odd item confusing – like plastic bags. 

"Think ‘Grey Bags' to remind yourself that plastic bags go in the Grey Box. Because they are plastic, people think of them as going in the Blue Box. But plastic bags get tangled in the machinery used to sort Blue Box items, so please, put them in the Grey Box with your paper recycling," says Ochej.

Want to learn more about what happens to your recyclables once they leave the curb? Get a free tour of the Kingston Area Recycling Centre (KARC), 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, July 26 at 196 Lappan's Lane.  Or check out the "Curbside to KARC" video at

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