UK Reminder: Check Plumbing To Prevent Frozen Pipes - UK Reminder: Check Plumbing To Prevent Frozen Pipes

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null UK Reminder: Check Plumbing To Prevent Frozen Pipes

January 25, 2013 -

On Behalf of Utilities Kingston

The cold-weather warning issued by KFL&A Public Health prompts this reminder from Utilities Kingston for home owners and tenants to check indoor plumbing to prevent water lines from freezing.

The water mains that distribute water throughout the city and the service lines that bring water to homes are well insulated underground and don't typically freeze. However, exposed plumbing pipes in exterior walls of your home, unheated basements and crawlspaces may be at risk of freezing.

Examine any exposed cold water pipes, such as the ones in your basement or under your kitchen sink. If a spot feels unusually cold to the touch, take measures to warm it up, for example by:

  • insulating pipes and external walls, or
  • opening cupboard doors to improve warm air flow.

If you have a frozen plumbing pipe in your home, try using a hair dryer to thaw it. (Safety first: never leave a heating device unattended and be careful not to weaken plumbing joints.)

Residents are reminded to call a licensed plumber to deal with internal plumbing issues, but Utilities Kingston employees are always happy to answer customer questions.

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Media contact information:
Cindie Ashton, Communications Officer for Utilities Kingston at 613-546-4291, extension 3116.