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Utilities Kingston customers: get up to $3000 to help prevent basement flooding

Homeowners: get up to $3,000 to install sump pumps, backwater sanitary valves, foundation drains and other eligible measures. Utilities Kingston still has financial assistance available to its customers through the 2015 Preventative Plumbing Program. Customers are encouraged to act today, leaving time to implement plumbing measures before the end of the calendar year.

This Program helps home owners take measures to better protect their homes from flooding and sewage back-ups – and comply with the City's Sewer Use Bylaw.

Interested?  Find details and an easy-to-use online application at, e-mail or call 613-546-0000.

$523,000 in financial assistance has helped 426 homeowners

Since 2012, the program has offered:

  • One-on-one consultations and $523,000 in financial assistance to 426 local home owners.
  • Support to install 200 sanitary backwater valves to restrict the directional flow of water and decrease the risk of sewage backup.
  • Support to install 228 sump pump systems to remove excess water situated around the foundation of a home.
  • The removal of 115 illegal connections to the sanitary sewer to reduce the risk of basement flooding in neighbourhoods.
  • Public education about preventative plumbing – including hands-on workshops and web site resources viewed more than 126,000 times.

Know your "Flood Facts" to prevent basement flooding

If you have a basement, it is at risk of flooding – even if it has never flooded before. Help protect your basement from the risk of flooding during autumn rains:

  • Keep eavestroughs, downspouts and catch basins clear of leaves to help rain water run safely away from your home.
  • Make sure downspouts are properly connected. In most cases, they should drain over the lawn (in accordance with the City's Sewer Use Bylaw), at least two metres away from your house. This helps reduce basement flooding in your neighbourhood.
  • Pick a rainy day to walk around your property and look for places where water is pooling or even getting into your home.
  • Consider a sump pump system to remove excess water (make sure it drains only onto your lawn or into the storm sewer, in accordance with the City's Sewer Use Bylaw).

Learn 18 Flood Facts to protect your property – and find out how to apply to the Preventative Plumbing Program at


Media contact: For more information contact Cindie Ashton, Media Relations Officer for the City and Utilities Kingston at 613-546-4291, extension 3116.

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