Utilities Kingston water efficiency incentive pays off for Queen’s Inn - Utilities Kingston water efficiency incentive pays off for Queen’s Inn

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null Utilities Kingston water efficiency incentive pays off for Queen’s Inn

August 13, 2013 -

The Queen's Inn took advantage of Utilities Kingston's water efficiency incentive to conserve more than 100,000 litres of water annually – and will be presented with a $500 cheque from Utilities Kingston tomorrow at noon.  Utilities Kingston offers incentives of $5 per cubic metre, up to 20 per cent of eligible project costs to commercial customers investing in measures that save significant quantities of water. Here's how the Inn cashed in on this incentive:

The Queen's Inn, one of the oldest continually-operated inns in Canada, had an older, high-capacity dishwasher in its busy kitchen, which used a large quantity of water. "During peak season, our commercial dishwasher runs almost constantly," says Richard Mitchell, the owner-operator of the Queen's Inn.

In 2012, conservation advisors from Utilities Kingston conducted a free electricity and water efficiency walkthrough for the Inn, a service that it offers to all commercial customers. 

"The folks from Utilities Kingston came in, took a look at our business, pointed out our best electricity and water saving opportunities, and offered help with applications for financial incentives," says Mitchell. "We knew to get in touch with them before replacing or repairing any piece of equipment that uses water, or electricity to find out if there were incentives available for investments in conservation."

The Inn's water, hygiene and energy services contractor, EcoLab, analyzed their needs and recommended a replacement dishwasher model that would save over 100,000 litres of water per year, compared to the old dishwasher. 

Before installing the dishwasher, EcoLab helped the Queen's Inn complete the simple, one-page Utilities Kingston water efficiency incentive application and provided calculations to support the projected water savings. Utilities Kingston then pre-approved the application. Once they installed the dishwasher, EcoLab notified Utilities Kingston and provided receipts. Utilities Kingston verified the installation with a quick visit.

"This type of financial support from a utility can make the difference between a customer investing in a new piece of equipment or continuing to use inefficient equipment," says EcoLab Associate, Frank Zuuring. "We're happy to help our customers in Kingston take advantage of this unique incentive opportunity."

"When our customers conserve water, it helps reduce the need to build and maintain new infrastructure to supply water and wastewater services. It also reduces the amount of electricity and chemicals the utility uses in the treatment process," says Stephen Sottile, Conservation Officer for Utilities Kingston. "Our incentive programs reduce the environmental impact of our utility services, while helping  our customers ."

"The restaurant business is competitive, and we're always looking for ways to better manage our costs. With help from Utilities Kingston and EcoLab, we've been able to take advantage of a significant water and money saving opportunity," says Mitchell.  "I would encourage all local businesses to get in touch with Utilities Kingston to take advantage of their free water, and electricity efficiency walkthroughs and financial incentives."

To learn more, customers can contact the Utilities Kingston conservation team at 613 546-0000. You can find out more about their conservation programs at www.utilitieskingston.com/water/conservation, or find nearly 100 water and energy conservation tips at www.utilitieskingston.com/conservationtips.


Media contact: For more information contact Cindie Ashton, Communications Officer for Utilities Kingston at 613-546-4291, extension 3116.