Work to sewer line to affect urban K&P Trail, area residents and businesses - Work to sewer line to affect urban K&P Trail, area residents and businesses

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null Work to sewer line to affect urban K&P Trail, area residents and businesses

December 2, 2016 -

Starting Tuesday, Dec. 6, work to a sewer line will affect the urban K&P trail from Rideau and Montreal streets to Hagerman Avenue.

"The urban K&P Trail is still officially under construction and is due to be completed this spring, but we wanted to give residents anxious to use it the head's up about this work," says Neal Unsworth, manager, parks development.

Trail users may notice equipment set up adjacent to the trail, as well as ramps at two locations where the pipes cross the trail.

The project to rehabilitate 900 metres of the 58-year old North End Outlet Trunk Sewer is being overseen by Utilities Kingston and will continue through March, 2017.

"This needed work will rehabilitate the pipe for the ongoing reliability of the sewer, environmental protection and public health. It ensures another 50 years of service life," explains Jim Miller, Utilities Kingston's director of engineering.

The low-dig, cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining technology being used is less disruptive and less costly than conventional methods, and results in a joint-less, fully-structural replacement pipe located inside the existing pipe.

Residents and businesses in the area may be affected by occasional traffic or temporary sewer service or landscape disruptions, and can look for notices to be hand-delivered when they are expected.  Utilities Kingston will restore any landscapes disturbed by construction.

The North End Outlet Trunk Sewer carries 16,000 cubic metres of sewage each day. 

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