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As of March 17, Building Officials and Enforcement Officers will not be conducting inspections within an occupied dwelling for Building Permits and Property Standards. This temporary halt to inspections will continue through Friday April 3 and will be continually reassessed. The City will continue to maintain safety by responding to all emergency or unsafe conditions, and offer all other types of inspections during regular inspection hours, until further notice. 

Building and Licensing's main function is to protect the citizens of the City of Kingston while also ensuring their right to a good quality of life in a safe and appealing community. Our services impact many of our 117,000 residents as well as our visitors, and the delivery of a professional and effective service is something that every one of our staff takes pride in, and takes seriously.

Core services:

Building and Property Standards

The Building Division works within the guidelines as set out in the Ontario Building Code Act and Municipal Bylaws. The activities of the division ensure that the minimum requirements of the Building Code are met when new properties are being built including:

  • renovations, additions and alterations.
  • plan reviews and inspections of various stages of construction from footings to occupancy
  • plumbing inspections
  • Sign Bylaw and Pool Fence Bylaw requirements.

Property Standards assures compliance to both the Property Standards and Yards Bylaws which set out the minimum standards for buildings and properties in the City. Standards prescribed in the Bylaws are intended to provide for the reasonable maintenance and upkeep of buildings and properties, taking into consideration the overall condition of existing and neighbouring properties. These standards are not intended to reflect the standards set out in newly constructed buildings however the importance of maintaining existing buildings is recognized by the City.

Licensing and Enforcement

Licensing and Enforcement works within the guidelines as set out in the:

  • Municipal Act
  • Dog Owner's Liability Act
  • Highway Traffic Act
  • Alcohol & Gaming Act
  • Livestock and Honey Bee Act
  • Fence Viewers Act and Municipal Bylaws
  • Provincial Offences Act
  • Ontario Lottery and Gaming

Licensing ensures that businesses are operating in accordance with zoning, building, fire, health and police regulations, acts and requirements in order to protect public health and safety in areas related to the business operation.  Additional services provided by the Licensing Division include but are not limited to:

  • Trades Licensing to ensure that tradesman are qualified when working in the city
  • Animal Licensing, to help bring lost pets home and ensure vaccination of animals
  • Crossing Guards to protect our children
  • Mobile and Temporary Signs to assist businesses in advertising their establishments and way finding for residents
  • On Street Leases to allow for regulated on street sales
  • Livestock Kills to administer claims as a result of kills by wolves or dogs of farmers animals and
  • Licensing and regulating Lotteries for over 300 registered charities. 

Animal Control & Bylaw Enforcement provides many different functions such as but not limited to:

  • Animal Control to bring pets home safely, to provide them with shelter when a home cannot be found and to ensure public safety against aggressive animals
  • enforcing illegal dumping to keep roadways and public property clear of garbage
  • watering bylaw to ensure sufficient water resources
  • environmental waste such as illegal substances being poured into the City's infrastructure
  • encroachments on streets which impact free pedestrian movement
  • noise to ensure citizens' rights to a good quality of life
  • idling to protect the air quality
  • parking to ensure fair access to all citizens, including those with accessibility needs
  • streets bylaw for free and unencumbered passage along sidewalks and pathways during all seasons

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