1211 John Counter Boulevard

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Contact - Bus - Planning - 1211 JCB

Alert - Facilities - COVID 19 DO NOT CHANGE!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic services are affected at City facilities. Check the COVID-19 page for more information. 

Content - Bus - Planning - 1221 JCB Facility


  • This building has an accessible entrance, washrooms and an elevator.
  • Drivers: follow signage from Lappan's Lane to enter the parking lot of this facility.  Accessible parking is located near the front entrance facing John Counter Boulevard.
  • Kingston Transit stops just outside. A transfer point is located nearby at the bus station on John Counter Boulevard at Leroy Grant Drive.
  • Two Level 2 EV charging stations

What's in this building?

This building hosts most of the City's engineering, planning & development and building & licensing staff. 

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Contact - Bus - Planning - 1211 JCB

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