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Allowing more second residential units will create affordable housing options

The City has made changes to the proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments that will allow second residential units to be created across the city.

Second residential units include basement apartments, in-law suites, coach-houses and other separate apartments that may be in or detached from a primary residence. These units create affordable housing in two ways:

  1. They offer homeowners a way to earn income that can help them pay off their mortgages.
  2. They increase supply in the rental market.

The revised amendments have been made in response to feedback that has been received and speak to how we may appropriately accommodate more of these units across the city. Interested in second residential units?  Please offer your feedback on the proposed changes at the City's Get Involved page until Monday, Feb. 4.

Kingston needs more affordable housing and encouraging the creation of more second residential units is one great way to encourage homeowners to help address this urgent need.


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By: Dieter Rohde
Posted on 1/24/19 8:39 AM.
These changes are welcome and, hopefully, they'll be taken up by many home owners, especially in the urban core, to align with the City's vision of densification. There is, however, another piece of the City's plan that needs to be updated to make this possible. Currently, every residential unit is required to have one parking spot for a car. This has been the policy for a very long time and at one time might have been appropriate and necessary. Today, with the City's vision for both public transit and active transportation and the increasing options of car or ride sharing together with e-shopping and delivery services, the requirement for a car parking spot for every unit is counterproductive when trying to produce infill and more affordable housing, especially in the downtown core where other modes of transport are plentiful.
Paige Agnew
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