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DocuPet door-to-door awareness campaign

It has come to my attention that members of the public have expressed concern about the conduct of Docupet education officers who are currently undertaking a door-to-door awareness campaign.

DocuPet Inc. is a Kingston-based startup and runs the online pet licensing program for the City of Kingston. DocuPet is currently conducting a door-to-door awareness campaign in neighbourhoods across the City. The awareness campaign is intended to provide residents with information about licensing their pets, required under the City's Pet Bylaw, and the benefits of DocuPet's pet licensing program.

DocuPet representatives are not selling anything at the door and will not ask you for payment of any kind. They will be offering a door hanger with information on the licensing program and can answer questions on it. Already licensed homes will not be visited.

Representatives from DocuPet have two different versions of door hangers they are leaving behind to provide information to residents. One version is left when there are noticeable signs of pets (can hear a dog barking, “beware of dog” signage on the home, etc.) visible when they walk from the street to the front door of a home or if their records indicate an expired license is associated with the address. The other version of the door hanger is left when there are no visible sign of a pet.

The City notified the public that DocuPet would be conducting this door-to-door campaign and what to expect through this news release and social media posts throughout the door-to-door campaign period.  

There have been reports, via social media, of DocuPet representatives peering in windows and backyards. This activity should not be taking place and the City is asking anyone who has seen any such activity or has concerns about the awareness campaign to please contact Licensing staff at 613-546-4291 ext. 3150.

For more information on pet licenses please visit:


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