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Let’s talk about Residential Rental Licensing

Residential rental licensing requires rental properties to meet standards to ensure the health and safety of renters. The City of Kingston has considered adopting a residential licensing program multiple times over the past fifteen years.

The concept of residential rental licensing came up in early 2017 through the consideration of an Interim Control Bylaw in the Williamsville, Sydenham and Portsmouth Electoral Districts. As part of the recommendations brought forward by staff, and approved by Council at its May 2, 2017 meeting (Report Number 17-139), was a long-term recommendation to re-evaluate the concept of residential rental licensing. At the December 19, 2017 Council meeting staff presented an information report providing an overview of the concept of rental licensing and a review of other Ontario municipalities that have residential rental licensing programs in place (Report Number 18-001).

As we continue to explore what a residential rental licensing program could look like in Kinston, we are proposing a program for residential developments containing one to three rental units.  We are seeking feedback from residents on this proposed program and have created multiple opportunities for residents to learn more and offer feedback.

Four information sessions are planned as follows:

During the information sessions staff will seek feedback on the proposed residential rental licensing program including the documents required to obtain a license; fees associated with the proposed license; timing of the roll-out of the program; and hear about general concerns from renters, landlords and residents.

Staff will also be holding stakeholder sessions with representatives from the landlords association, neighbourhood and community associations, and post-secondary institutions on July 12 and 13.

For additional information or to register for one of the four information sessions, residents can visit: 

Stay tuned for an online survey to share your feedback, the survey will be available from July 10 to 23 at


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