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North King’s Town land use planning

I spent part of the morning today out walking the North King’s Town (NKT) area with City staff Laura MacCormick, Sonya Bolton, Kim Brown and the consulting team from Dialog. Together we were undertaking a “ground truth’ exercise on the land use plan being developed. The goal of our walk and ‘ground truth’ exercise was to explore if the recommendations on paper make practical sense in the environment itself. This was an important exercise to ensure our recommendations are feasible and specific to the community character.

This afternoon the NKT Technical Advisory Group and NKT Community Working Group are meeting to review and discuss the land use plan being formulated, cultural heritage considerations and some early discussion related to the area transportation plan. There will be larger community sessions coming over the next few months so stay tuned.

Stay connected to this important work through the NKT page on the City’s website:

And drop a pin on the interactive map of the study area to tell us about the places and events that shape the history of NKT. See the map and add your feedback here:


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