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OMB Update: Point St. Mark Drive (former Rideau Marina)

At last night’s Council meeting, Council reported out from closed session with direction to staff on the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) appeal for Point St. Mark Drive (former Rideau Marina), which is scheduled for pre-hearing on Friday, March 23.


Below is the motion passed by Council, providing direction to staff:

THAT Council direct staff and external legal counsel to advise the Appellants and the Ontario Municipal Board that the City of Kingston does not support the proposed development as submitted.


To find more information on the Ontario Municipal Board appeal filed for 48A Point St. Mark Drive please click on this link to be connected the OMB’s website, here, and search case number PL170712


Looking for more background on this OMB appeal? Visit my November 24 blog post called OMB Pre-Hearing Updates and my October 20 blog post called October 19 Planning Committee – OMB process for Point St. Mark Drive


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