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We're having a great conversation on how to grow Kingston! Thanks for taking part.

A huge thank you for the intense interest in last evening’s presentation by Brent Toderian, former chief planner for the City of Vancouver and award-winning city planning consultant. The fantastic turnout demonstrates our community cares deeply about how we grow Kingston and increase its density.

The questions were very insightful and showed the great level of interest participants have in city planning. I look forward to continuing the conversation on growth and intensification.

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We all want to get it right – and Toderian gave us some ideas on how we can balance the need for density with approaches that will help us preserve Kingston’s charm and livability.  We’ve got a lot to think about and work on.

It takes a strong community to critically look at itself and to identify strategic areas for improvement in the way it communicates and makes decisions. We need to focus our time and energy on defining a path of continuous improvement aimed at building Kingston into a world-class sustainable, livable community. I’m confident that together we can get there.

We will be posting the live presentation as soon as possible and will be sure to provide updates here and on social media when it is posted so you can view it.

View the power point presentation from last evening.

Connect with Brent via Twitter, @BrentToderian

Thanks again for joining the conversation!




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