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What matters is the plan

"What matters is the plan." – see more of what Brent Toderian had to say in this video.

Last week’s visit by urban planning expert Brent Toderian offered a lot of food for thought for the City and the community. He told us that Kingston must focus on getting our plans right so that these guiding documents target the right kinds of intensification in the right areas and, perhaps most importantly, in the right way. He said that Kingston residents, City planners and developers have to move the focus of discussion about intensification away from building heights and on to integrating density in a way that fits with streetscape and enhances the livability and look of a neighbourhood through excellent design and use choices.

His timely visit has framed the ongoing public discussion that we are having about growth and intensification in Kingston and will inform projects like the North King’s Town secondary plan and the Central Growth and Infill Strategy. Watch for public input opportunities on these projects to be announced later this season.

I look forward to continuing this conversation.


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By: Tim Irwin
Posted on 1/28/18 12:47 PM.
Delighted to see the focus shift from just height to some of the important things. No one I know can see over a 1 story building so might as well be 25 with more open space around it. This will better preserve sight lines and green space than just building endless rows of 2 story buildings. Of course insisting on attractive and appropriate design is key.
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