Prior to filing an application with the Planning and Development Department, please consult with a City Planner. You may contact the Planning and Development Department at 613-546-4291 ext. 3180 for further information.

Application forms containing insufficient or inaccurate information will be returned, with the application fee, to the applicant. An application is considered to be received by Development Review Unit on the date it is received with sufficient information and the correct fee.

An acknowledgement of the application will only be mailed to the applicant or agent (if any) when the application has been received, reviewed, and accepted by staff as complete. An incomplete application cannot be processed.


  1. Applications:
    Indicate each type of application you have attached to the Pre-Application Request Form
  2. Pre-application:
    Check a box to indicate whether you have spoken to a City Planner about your proposal. If so, please provide the name.
  3. Customer Information:
    • The applicant section of the form must be completed for all application types. If the applicant is a numbered company, provide the name of a principal of the company.
    • If an agent is listed to represent the applicant, written, dated and signed authorization from the applicant for the agent to represent his/her interests must accompany the application for all application types.
    • Complete the information for the owner if different from the applicant. If the owner is a company, identify the principal of the company.
    • It is the responsibility of the owner or applicant to notify Development Review of any change in ownership, applicant or authorized agent within 30 days of such a change.
  4. Location and Description:
    Complete as much information as possible for the location of the land and/or property to be considered in the application. A location map must accompany the application and a survey plan, if available, should be included.
  5. Affidavit/Sworn Declaration:
    For Official Plan Amendment, Zoning Bylaw Amendment, or Removal of Holding Provision (H) applications, an affidavit or sworn declaration by the applicant that the information provided by the applicant is true, will be required.

Development Approval Application Forms

Most development approval application forms are now processed through DASH. Please use that tool to submit your applications.