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The following guidelines will help you in your Plan of Subdivision application, Site Plan Control application, or preparing a Planning Rationale for an Official Plan Amendment.

Subdivision Development Guidelines & Technical Standards

Note: The automatic notification email that was previously sent out when an update to the Subdivision Development Guidelines & Technical Standards was posted is not available at this time.

Latest Update - January 2014

Subdivision Development Guidelines & Technical Standards: Intended for prospective developers and Professional Engineers as a guide to the technical standards and procedures required to design, process and obtain approvals for the installation of public works associated with urban subdivision development.

Revision Request & Response Form

The Revision Request & Response Form (and related instructions) is contained in the Subdivision Development Guidelines & Technical Standards document. For your convenience, you can download just the Revision Request & Response section of the guide.

Guidelines For Preparing A Planning Rationale

A Planning Rationale is required to be submitted with all applications for Official Plan Amendments to any Official Plan in the City of Kingston. An application will not be considered complete unless this  information is submitted to the Planning & Development Department, together with the completed application form, application fees, and any background studies required in support of the application. View the Guidelines For Preparing A Planning Rationale.

Site Plan Control Guidelines

The Site Plan Control Guidelines are intended to assist in the preparation of a Site Plan Control application and to provide some design guidelines which should be taken into consideration when designing a site. The guidelines will be used as a checklist by staff to ensure that minimum requirements have been met.

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