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Proposed Interim Control Bylaw

We are seeking public input as a proposed Interim Control Bylaw for neighbourhoods near Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College in the Sydenham, Portsmouth and Williamsville districts.  The proposed bylaw would have the effect of temporarily freezing the way some residences are used for a year while the City undertakes a detailed land use study of these areas.

We are holding a public meeting on the proposed bylaw on Wednesday, March 1 at 6 p.m. in Memorial Hall. The meeting will be live streamed on the Kingston City Council YouTube channel: (look for the red City logo).

We are also conducting a survey to receive as much feedback as possible to identify specific land use planning concerns. Go to to complete the survey by Friday, March 10.

We look forward to hearing feedback from the public on any land use concerns in the near-campus neighbourhoods and the potential use of an Interim Control Bylaw during the completion of a land use study.


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By: David Worsley
Posted on 2/16/17 1:22 PM.
Counsellor Stroud's intention of this proposed bylaw is to regulate or freeze the development of "monster" additions of second units in stable neighbourhoods of single family homes downtown. The wording of the proposed bylaw needs to target this intention and not create unnecessary and significantly harmful collateral damage to other types of development. For example properties in E and B zones have nothing to do with Counsellors intent of the bylaw yet based on the January 24th wording would be affected. Based on the Jan 24th wording apartment buildings would be exempt but multi-residential dwellings would not be. Multi-residential dwellings need to go through a formal planning process to gain approvals to be built and are not as of right like the second additions in stable neighbourhoods. Some multi- residential dwellings are actually larger than apartment buildings but do not have a common area entrance so are not classified as apartment buildings. Finally areas such as the CEA (Campus Expansion Area bounded by Earl St, University Ave, Johnson St, and Barrie St) do not fall into the counsellors intent of this proposed bylaw as they are areas in transition with a mixed variety of housing not stable neighbourhoods with single family residential buildings. The CEA and other identified areas not fitting the intent of the bylaw should not be included in the proposed bylaw as this would create significant collateral damage and actually hurt the preservation of stable neighbourhoods by not allowing for development in these identified areas of transition and expansion.
By: Patrick Carter
Posted on 2/22/17 3:46 PM.
I agree with Mr. Worsley's points and am in strong opposition to this bylaw. A bylaw so broad would absolutely destroy a number of contracting companies and trades workers. It is also unfair to property owners basic rights that have no connection to these monster additions that are being built. I have heard from Mayor Paterson that affordable housing agencies and others unrelated to student housing would be affected. Also as Mr. Worsley noted larger "multi-residential" dwellings would be unfairly affected because of the January 24th wording of the proposed bylaw. I believe we have a smart planning staff and a bylaw this extreme would NOT be recommended by them.
Paige Agnew
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