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Talking planning with Brent Toderian

Brent Toderian, former chief planner for the City of Vancouver and award-winning city planning consultant, is in Kingston for Wednesday’s town hall on growth and intensification and the Climate Change Symposium on Friday.


Planning staff is taking advantage of him being in town to talk about the challenges and opportunities in Kingston. Today a group of planning staff braved the cold to tour Kingston with Brent to spark conversations about our policy frameworks and the kind of development we are seeing. We had great conversations about Williamsville, the pressures in our downtown core, the key elements of good urban design and the strategic future planning direction of the City.


We are excited to have Brent’s perspective and expertise and look forward to continuing our conversation with the community at Wednesday night’s town hall.


For more information on the town hall, click here. Brent will be tweeting throughout out time together. Connect with Brent via Twittet, @BrentToderian 




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By: Laura Knap
Posted on 1/18/18 10:22 AM.
Kudos to whoever arranged to have Mr. Toderian visit and share his constructive thoughts about planning in our City. I think his approach reached across the usual political lines and moved beyond some tired conversations to reconsider how we can talk about good planning.
It struck me that Mr. Toderian underlined the importance of a strong plan (I assume he meant Official Plan) to guide development, more than Zoning Bylaws. With our OP newly-minted, and Zoning Bylaws yet to come, I wonder if you could do a post sometime about some aspects of our new OP that support the kind of smart growth that Mr. Toderian was speaking about. .. and maybe any areas we need to improve.
One part of his presentation I am thinking about in particular is his discussion about how clearly identifying the densities allowed in certain areas is critical to ensuring that developers and the market can correctly value land, and how clear development guidelines can properly set expectations (and therefore make the development process clearer and less contentious). How / when to we get there?
Would really like to hear your thoughts.
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