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The current Official Plan for the City of Kingston was approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs on January 27, 2010, becoming the first Official Plan to encompass the entire City of Kingston since amalgamation in 1998. The Official Plan recognizes that the City is made up of a wide variety of urban, suburban, agricultural and rural land uses as well as a number of defining environmental features.

This consolidated version of the Official Plan includes all approvals and modifications made to the Plan up to June 1, 2013, and has been prepared for convenience. For precise reference to any policies or map schedules contained within the plan, please contact the City planning division.

Summary of Revisions

Revisions to Third Draft of the Official Plan have been advanced following the May 4, 2016 Open House and the May 19, 2016 Public Meeting. The revisions are summarized as follows:

  • Formatting for grammar and use of defined terms;
  • Fact checking and inclusion of references to recently-completed studies such as the Kingston Waterfront Master Plan;
  • Refinement of the narrative throughout the Plan;
  • Refinement of duplication and removal of redundant policy directives; 
  • Reorganization of Section 2 Strategic Policy Direction;
  • Refinement of Stable Areas policies (Section 2.6);
  • Refinement of Special Residential Use Policies (Section 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.D)
  • Refinement of locational criteria for High Density Residential Uses (3.3.C.2);
  • Revisions to Airport policies to clarify status of technical studies (3.7);
  • Revisions to address feedback from the Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee (MAAC);
  • Revisions to the Ribbon of Life policies and introduction of policies that will require an OP amendment unless a specific development situation applies;
  • Policies associated with the Rideau Canal in Section 3.10.A relocated into Section 7.3.A with duplication removed;
  • Removal of Deferred Areas policies (formerly Section 3.11); and
  • Updates to Schedules to address policy revisions and to enhance legibility.

Fourth Draft of the Official Plan 

A copy of the fourth draft of the Official Plan will can be accessed via the links below: 

Next Steps

An Open House will be held on August 10 to discuss the revisions to the Third Draft of the Official Plan.

It is anticipated that the final update to the OP will be presented with a recommendation report to Planning Committee on September 1, and to Council on September 20. 

For more information regarding the Official Plan Update and next steps in this project contact Greg Newman, manager of policy planning, at

Official Plan Draft 3

The third draft of the Official Plan and schedules to the plan are now available. Revisions have been made to address comments provided by the public and to satisfy issues presented by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing through their One-Window review process. Please send your feedback to

Hard copies of the plan are available for review at 1211 John Counter Boulevard, City Hall and the Central, Kingscourt, Isabel Turner, Calvin Park and Pittsburgh branches of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library.

Comment & Response Matrix

The comment and response matrix summarizes written submissions received to date on the Draft Official Plan Update. Further, the matrix includes a number of anonymous comments that were received during the April 17 and the April 24 public open houses. Comments have been largely organized in chronological order and in many instances categorized by primary issue. Responses to the comments acknowledge where revisions to the Plan have been made. Where a revision has not been made, a reason for such is offered. Please note that due to the length of some submissions planning staff have paraphrased the content of the comment. If you feel your comments have been paraphrased in a manner which has resulted in the primary issue being missed, be sure to notify City staff of the oversight. If you have provided comments to the City but do not see them in the matrix please notify Greg Newman, Manager of Policy Planning at:

Project Timelines

May 2016

A public open house will be held on Wednesday, May 4 at City Hall. The meeting will include an informal opportunity to review the revised OP schedules and policy sections followed by a presentation by staff and an opportunity for formal input by the public.

A statutory public meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, May 19 at City Hall. The meeting will provide members of the public an opportunity to provide feedback on the third draft of the Official Plan.

June & July 2016

Following the statutory meeting the project team will be finalizing the Official Plan and an implementing bylaw which will be presented to planning committee by way of a recommendation report (i.e., that the committee recommends approval of the bylaw necessary to implement the amendments to the Official Plan as part of a five-year review). If supported by the committee, a recommendation report will be presented to Council together with the implementing bylaw. The specific dates of committee and Council meetings will be confirmed at a later date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please select a heading from the following menu for further information:

Why is the City doing an Official Plan update?

The Official Plan will be reviewed every five years in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act and may be amended by the City to reflect changing circumstances or new priorities for resource protection, growth or redevelopment. This helps to keep the document current on an ongoing basis.

What information are we including in the Official Plan Update?

Although the Official Plan Update is required every 5 years by legislation, there are many reasons why it is important to have this document updated.

Several long range policy plans have been undertaken by the City and will be incorporated into the Official Plan:

  • City of Kingston and Kingston CMA (Census Metropolitan Area) Population, Housing, and Employment Projections
  • Urban Growth Boundary Update
  • Kingston Transportation Master Plan Update
  • Amenity Area Review Study
  • Urban Design Guidelines
  • Employment Lands Strategy Review
  • Estate Residential Review
  • Heritage Conservation District Plans
  • Cataraqui Source Protection Plan
  • Commercial Land Review (to be included as a separate amendment)

The planning of every community in Ontario must meet the 2014 Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) on land use planning.  Changes related to the 2014 PPS will include:

  • Promote compact development
  • New environmental mapping: wildland fire, significant woodlands definitions
  • Climate change and natural hazards - karst
  • Promoting on-farm economic development
  • Conserving built heritage resources
  • Minimizing impacts on waterfront areas

As well, through stakeholder sessions and public meetings, local planning issues have been identified:

  • Providing better guidance on where intensification should occur
  • Defining and protecting stable neighbourhoods
  • Planning and providing affordable housing
  • Emphasizing "innovation" in building design