The City is seeking public input as it considers an Interim Control Bylaw aimed at limiting new development or alterations to certain dwellings in neighbourhoods near Queen's University and St. Lawrence College.

March 1 public meeting

A public meeting to gather input on the draft Interim Control Bylaw took place on Wednesday, March 1 at City Hall.

The public meeting included a briefing from staff, as directed by Council, and an opportunity for the public to ask questions and provide comments. In order to allow everyone an opportunity to ask questions or provide comments, a professional facilitator was hired to run the meeting and oral submissions were limited to 3 minutes.

The meeting was live-streamed on the Kingston City Council YouTube channel.


Offer your input on the draft Interim Control Bylaw to identify land-use planning concerns in the Sydenham, Portsmouth and Williamsville districts. Complete the survey by Friday, March 10 at 4 p.m.

Next steps

  • Staff will report back to council in April with a summary of the input gathered from the public consultation and options on how to proceed.
  • Staff are conduct a land-use study of the City's existing policies and regulations regarding residential intensification within the Sydenham, Portsmouth and Williamsville districts to provide a detailed assessment of development and/or conversion pressures and specific recommendations to guide the future of these areas.


At its Jan.10, 2017 meeting, council directed staff to report back on Jan. 24 on how best to word an Interim Control Bylaw prohibiting any new development of, or alterations to, one-family dwellings, two-family dwellings, row dwellings, group dwellings, semi-detached dwellings and multiple family dwellings within the Sydenham, Portsmouth and Williamsville districts.

At its Jan. 24, 2017 meeting, council asked staff to undertake a land-use study of the City's existing policies and regulations on residential intensification within the same area and make recommendations addressing development and/or conversion pressures to guide the future of these areas. Council also asked that a public meeting be held to receive feedback from residents on the draft Interim Control Bylaw and other policy changes and report back to Council with options/recommendations in April.

The Information Report prepared by staff for the Jan. 24, 2017 council meeting detailed:

  • the purpose of an interim control bylaw
  • the land-use planning concerns and other issues identified by council and residents, a summary of previous studies conducted in relation to similar issues
  • the existing Official Plan policies and proposed revisions in response to concerns heard through the 5-year Official Plan Update
  • the existing zoning bylaws, the new City-wide Zoning Bylaw Update, the Near Campus Neighbourhoods Study
  • a summary of legal considerations related to the passage of an Interim Control Bylaw
  • a draft Interim Control Bylaw as directed by council

Previous studies

As detailed in the Information Report, infill and intensification concerns in the neighbourhoods surrounding St. Lawrence College and Queen's University have been the subject of many reports, studies, bylaws and amendments, as far back as the 1970s.

Relevant studies and staff reports

  • Student Housing Review: Phase I*
  • Student Housing Review: Phase II*
  • Student Housing Review: Phase III*
  • Interim Control Area Study – 1991: A Study of the Regulation of Residential Building Size in Inner-City Neighbourhoods*
  • Report Number PC049: Residential Intensification in the Area Around Queen's University*
  • Report Number PC108: Downtown Residential Review (DRR) Working Committee Technical Review of Recommendations*
  • Report Number PC-07-070: Student Accommodation Discussion Paper*
  • Report Number PC-12-024: Central Accommodation Review Proposal
  • Report Number NCN-13-001: Central Accommodation Review Status Update
  • Report Number NCN-13-006: Central Accommodation Review Status Update
  • Report Number PC-13-027: Central Accommodation Review: Review of Previous Studies and Initiatives
  • Report Number PC-13-081: Central Accommodation Review: Regulating the Number of Bedrooms per Residential Dwelling Unit – Status Update on Other Ontario Municipalities
  • Report Number PC-15-031: Central Accommodation Review – Summary and Options Report

*Available on request (format is not accessible for posting online).