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Planning & Development is here to help residents, developers, builders and others in planning, designing and building a better Kingston. The department is responsible for Development Approvals, Policy Planning, and Heritage Planning. 

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More information about Planning & Development:

Customer Service Standards

Our Customer Service Standards for Development Review demonstrate our commitment to providing quality service.

What we do

Through progressive, professional planning services the Department ensures that the City of Kingston is planned and developed in accordance with the Planning Act, the Ontario Heritage Act, the Provincial Policy Statement and good planning principles in order to meet the needs of all who work, live, visit or play in the City of Kingston.  Key areas of responsibility include the development of land use policy planning, coordinating the municipal response to development applications submitted under the Planning Act and Ontario Heritage Act, Zoning Bylaw administration and cultural heritage policy. 

Our Mission

Planning & Development, in partnership with our internal and external stakeholders, is an innovative and responsive team that is committed to the responsible management of growth and development which will enhance the quality of life for all who work, live, visit or play in the City of Kingston.

Our mission is to fulfil a key role in the policy framework and physical development of the City of Kingston, ensuring a safe, healthy, sustainable and vibrant community. Through progressive, professional planning services we are committed to ensuring that the City of Kingston is planned and developed in accordance with sound planning principles in order to protect existing neighbourhoods, manage growth, achieve responsible and sustainable development, and preserve and protect our agricultural areas, natural assets and  cultural heritage resources.  We are also committed to providing quality customer service that results in timely responses to development proposals, protecting the interests of the Municipality and the public in general, promoting economic growth, and achieving well designed, functional development in order to meet the needs of all who work, live, visit or play in the City of Kingston.

Our Vision

Helping to shape today, the development of Kingston's tomorrow.

Our vision is to be a leader in enhancing the quality of life in the City of Kingston by working together with our internal and external stakeholders to achieve a safe, healthy, sustainable and livable environment for present and future residents.


Core Services

The Planning & Development Department provides elected officials, decision-makers, and the community with sound planning advice and recommended action strategies that stress the importance of maintaining a strong link between provincial objectives, the City's planning goals as set out in the Official Plan and effective land use decisions.  The core services provided to the City by the Department include:

  • Long-range policy planning (Official Plan, 5 year Official Plan reviews, review and preparation of secondary plans, comprehensive Zoning Bylaw preparation/review, other special purpose studies, population projections);
  • Urban design guidelines (new subdivisions, intensification projects, other forms of development);
  • Growth management (implement growth management policies of Official Plan, monitor development activity);
  • Development approvals (manage the overall development review process and coordinate the City response to development applications – official plan/zoning bylaw amendments, subdivisions/condominiums, consents, minor variances, site plan control, part lot lift, holding symbol removal);
  • Provide expert evidence at Ontario Municipal Board hearings and other tribunals to support Council decisions;
  • Zoning Bylaw administration/interpretation;
  • Heritage (Archaeology Master Plan, preparation and updates of the municipal register of heritage properties, Heritage Conservation District Plans, individual property designations, Cultural Integrity Statements, Cultural Resource Management Plans, listed properties and updates of designation Bylaws);
  • Civic addressing and street naming;
  • Committee / Council support (Planning Committee, Committee of Adjustment, Kingston Municipal Heritage Committee);
  • Other project / department support - provide staff support and professional advice respecting land use and heritage matters to various City projects (i.e. Third Crossing, Development Charges Review, Municipal Housing Strategy, Cultural Master Plan, Town / Gown Community Planning and Quality of Life Working Groups); and
  • Provide professional advice and information to local residents, landowners, the professional community, the media and the development community.

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