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Effective January 1, 2020, the following municipal fee information is relevant for Planning Applications. Unless specified otherwise, applications should be submitted to the Planning Department. 

Additional fees may be charged by other City departments and/or Government Agencies for the review of Planning Applications.



The term "Minor Application" shall apply to: (i) the rezoning of any residential building containing four (4) units or less; or (ii) any rezoning application involving a change in use which conforms to the City's Official Plan and will be contained within the walls of an existing structure; or (iii) any rezoning application that results from a condition of consent for residential purposes.

The term "Minor Site Plan Control Application" shall include applications regarding 1 and 2 family dwellings, group homes, and applications with less than 300 m2 of floor area that result from an approval of a rezoning request.

The term "Technical Consent" shall apply to: (i) an application along a common party wall of an existing building provided no minor variances are required; or (ii) an application to create or extend a right-of-way or easement; or (iii) an application to adjust a lot boundary or facilitate a simple lot addition; or (iv) an application for consent to a mortgage; or (v) an application for consent to a lease in excess of 21 years.

Dormant Files that have remained inactive for three years for Committee of Adjustment applications and five years for all other planning applications will be deemed closed. In the event that a request is made to reactivate a closed file, the applicant shall pay the full existing fee for planning services regardless of any fees paid in the past.

* Engineering Review Fees will be charged as per the Engineering Fee Schedule according to the individual application requirements.

** Legal Fees will be invoiced at the time documentation is executed.

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