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These statements offer a snapshot of the City's books of accounts at year-end and a financial summary of its operations.

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The Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP) is a Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing-led initiative that requires municipalities to report service delivery measures for a number of prescribed City services.  Each year, the City issues a Report Card to Citizens detailing the MPMP results.

The following changes to the MPMP program were made by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and came into effect on January 1, 2015:

  • To streamline municipal reporting, the MPMP measures are no longer required.
  • As data is reported in the Financial Information Return (available to the public), municipalities are no longer required to independently report their performance measures in a set format.
  • The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is no longer providing the MPMP reporting framework.

The City is committed to being open and accountable about how its programs and services are delivered to the community and to regularly reporting on key performance indicators.  In order to maintain prior year trending information, the City has recreated the MPMP framework and will continue to issue a Report Card to Citizens. These measures will continue to focus on service quality, benefits to citizens and the impacts on the quality-of-life and will include:

  • Efficiency measures that indicate the amount of resources used to deliver a service - a measure of the cost of service delivery, and
  • Effectiveness measures that indicate the extent to which a service is achieving its intended results - service quality and outputs, benefits to citizens measured in non-financial terms.

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