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Property owners, landlords, and tenants are reminded of a number of enforced bylaws in place to keep the City clean of garbage and debris.

Yards Bylaw

The yards bylaw prohibits anyone from using any land or structure within the City to dispose of garbage, refuse, industrial and domestic waste. Domestic waste includes items such as refrigerators, stoves, furniture, and paper.

Illegal Dumping Bylaw

Also, anyone throwing, placing or depositing debris on any private or municipal property within the City can be charged under a second bylaw that covers illegal dumping.

Waste Collection Bylaw

The bylaw governing the City's waste collection prohibits people from: damaging, removing or upsetting waste receptacles put out for collection; putting garbage in receptacles that do not belong to them; and littering. The City is moving towards more stringent enforcement and will issue orders, and/or move directly to charges against property owners in violation of these bylaws. While property owners are responsible for maintaining their properties, landlords must also work with tenants to ensure debris is not left at the property. Additionally, should debris be left at the property an administration fee of $125 and the cost of clean-up will be applied to the property tax bill.

Streets Bylaw

The Streets Bylaw prohibits various action to preserve the cleanliness and safety of Kingston streets. View the Streets Bylaw for a list of these actions and associated fines. 

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