The City is exploring the concept of a Nuisance Party Bylaw as a local enforcement tool. The introduction of a Nuisance Party Bylaw would provide Police and Bylaw Enforcement with the ability, under one City-wide bylaw, to address the negative impacts on neighbourhoods of behaviours associated with large social gatherings.

The intended scope of a Nuisance Party Bylaw proposed for the City of Kingston would be limited to addressing behaviour specific to large social gatherings or parties, rather than a catch-all bylaw attempting to curtail all public nuisance behaviour. By exercising the authority provided under a nuisance party bylaw, an Order can be issued by Police for large social gatherings to cease, and for the dispersal of people not residing at a residence where the social gathering is occurring.

Bylaws of this nature have been enacted by a number of Ontario municipalities, bridging the gap between existing bylaws and charges under the Criminal Code. The regulatory purpose of this concept is to create a duty upon those hosting a social event or party to control the participants, and to give law enforcement personnel a mechanism to control and disperse people where the event has become a public nuisance. Nuisance party bylaws can therefore provide additional enforcement options beyond those available under existing bylaws and statutes.

Public consultation

Public feedback on the concept of a Nuisance Party Bylaw will be considered in the drafting of a bylaw. It is anticipated a draft Nuisance Party Bylaw will be presented to the Administrative Policies Committee for consideration in early 2018.

Residents are invited to share their feedback on the concept of a Nuisance Party Bylaw at a public meeting on Monday, Nov. 27. Comments and feedback can be emailed to Greg McLean, policy and program coordinator, at until Dec. 8.

Additional opportunities for residents to ask questions about the concept of a Nuisance Party Bylaw are available on the City's online engagement site, Get Involved Kingston.

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