Sign Bylaw

Bylaw 2009-140 - Provides for the prohibition and regulation of signs and other advertising devices.

Smoking Bylaw

Bylaw 2002-231 - Applies to the smoking of tobacco in every designated public place and workplace within the geographic limits of the City of Kingston.

Streets Bylaw

Bylaw 2004-190 - Regulate the use of City streets.

Tax Deferral Bylaw

Bylaw 98-87 - To allow Residential Tax Deferrals

Tax Rebate for Charities

Bylaw 98-212 - To Provide for a Rebate of Taxes to Eligible Registered Charities

Traffic Bylaw

Bylaw 2003-209 - Regulates parking and traffic on every highway over which the City of Kingston has jurisdiction or, in the case of a boundary highway, joint jurisdiction.

Tree Bylaw

Bylaw 2007-170 - Prohibit and regulate the destruction or injuring of trees in the City Of Kingston

Waste Management Services Rates & Fees

Bylaw 2005-260 - Levying of special rates and the charging of fees for waste management services

Waste Water - Waste Discharge Bylaw

Bylaw 2008-192 - Provide for the Regulation of Waste Water Services and Waste Discharges to Municipal Sewers

Water & Wastewater Rate Bylaw

Bylaw 2011-24 - Impose water and wastewater rates (Utilities Kingston).

Water Bylaw

Bylaw 2006-122 - Provides for the regulation of water supply for the City of Kingston.

Yards Bylaw

Bylaw 2007-136 - To provide for maintaining land in a clean and clear condition

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