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Proclamations are an excellent way of providing valuable education and information to the citizens of the City of Kingston. Proclamations can be issued for special events and/or activities to recognize the effort and commitment of organizations within the City who enhance our community.

Interested in having the City proclaim your day or event? Please review the policy before filling out the application.

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Upcoming Proclamations

2020-02-01 - Heart Month

2020-02-06 - International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

2020-02-20 - Kin Canada Day

2020-03-26 - National Epilepsy Awareness Day.pdf

2020-05-09 - Science Rendezvous Day

2020-05-11 - National Nursing Week

2020-06-01 - ALS Awareness Month

2020-06-01 - Deafblind Awareness Month

2020-06-01 - Kingston Pride Month.pdf

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