The Arts Advisory Committee is an avenue of communication and consultation between the arts community (art, music, dance, performance, literature, film, craft and other arts) and the municipal government.


Council Member

  • Councillor Candon
  • Councillor Neill

Citizen Appointees

  • Cathie Hamilton
  • Kyle Holleran

Kingston Arts Council representatives

  • Jocelyn Purdie, Union Gallery (visual arts) 
  • Jane Karges, Juvenis Festival (performing arts) 
  • Karma Tomm, Sistema Kingston and Queen's Community Music (arts education, music) 
  • Danika Lochhead, Executive Director, Kingston Arts Council 

Community Based Arts Groups

  • Bob Brooks, Domino Theatre (performing arts) 

Education sector representatives

  • Tricia Baldwin, Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts, Queen's University
  • Ashleigh McKeil, St. Lawrence College