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The Housing and Homelessness Advisory Committee works to ensure that there is a comprehensive understanding of housing, affordable housing and homelessness issues, initiatives and developments. The Committee is mandated to provide advice to Council regarding housing and homelessness related policies, directives and strategies as well as implementation of the Municipal Housing Strategy and the 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan.


Council Members

  • Councillor Doherty
  • Councillor Holland

Citizen Appointees

  • Melodie Ballard
  • Robert Rittwage


  • County of Frontenac - Mayor Frances Smith
  • Kingston Home Builders Association (KHBA) - Jacqueline Collier - Vice Chair
  • Tenant representative -Francesca Creet

Homelessness Service Providers Community Advisory

  • Board on Homelessness - Ted Smith
  • Community Leadership Committee Established by United Way KFLA - Peter Clarke; Vice Chair


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