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The Age-Friendly Advisory Committee advises and assists with the creation and implementation of a three year action plan based on the Age-Friendly Kingston Stage One Report and in keeping with the direction of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Age-Friendly Program.

The recommendations in the report cover the WHO's domains and are grouped under four key themes:

  • staying in homes;
  • staying active in the community;
  • know what is going on;
  • where to get help; and being respected.

To create the action plan the Committee will assist staff in assessing the feasibility of each recommendation; place the recommendations in order of priority; identify leads and time frames for completion; identify indicators to measure success and articulate any municipal budget considerations.

Once completed and approved by City Council, the action plan will be submitted to the WHO for their review and endorsement prior to implementation.


Council Member

  •  L. Schell

Citizen Appointees

  • Sue Cumming
  • James Jeff McLaren
  • Beverly Presley

Technical Reps

  • Diane Luck (Seniors Association Kingston Region)
  • Susan Graham (Council on Aging)
  • Doug Ritchie (Downtown Kingston!)
  • Patricia Collins (Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation)
  • Debbie O'Grady (KFL&A Public Health)
  • Louise Richer (Ontario Seniors' Secretariat)
  • Kim Hockey (United Way)

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